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CoD4/WaW not Working


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I recently got CoD4 and CoD:WaW from a friend but everytime I try to run them they crash, I'm not sure if its a Hardware or Software issue. specs are:


Nvidia 7600 GS

1GB DDR1 RAM (OverClock)

AMD Sempron 2800+, 2.00 GHz

Windows XP SP3 (32 Bit)


The Error messages are these:







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Your processor and video card might not be strong enough. I checked the requirements for Cod4, and the processor needs to be at least an athlon x64, so I couldn't find anything to tell the difference between that and the sempron but anyway. I know the video card, even if the minimum requirements says 6600, is not strong enough. I had a 7600GS in the past and CoD4 wouldn't play on it.

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