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Slight adjustments to GE and combat familiars


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Okay, I just had these ideas within the last couple days, so I haven't had any time to do much more than think of the basic mechanics to how they work.


1) Slight change to GE offers -- allow offers of any price

No, I'm not asking for the GE to allow any price to go through. What I'm looking for is the ability to make an offer outside of the price ranges (for example, a buy offer below the current minimum or a sell offer above the current maximum). These offers would be speculative -- they wouldn't be able to go through unless the price boundaries changed. Why do I think it would be needed? It would make it easier to get items at various prices -- if I wanted to sell a whip for 3.5 million, I wouldn't have to check every day to see if the price had gone up -- instead, I'd just put in the offer and wait. Same would be possible with catching items with falling prices.


2) Change to combat familiars -- "Fight with me"

Add one button to the summoning interface (no idea on the symbol) called "Fight with me". When this is activated, your familiar will join you in battle immediately after you start attacking a monster -- no need to mess around with calling or manually making it attack. The AI on combat familiars is pretty bad and a fix like this should be simple and is probably the best overall solution.

If you have ever attempted Alchemy by clapping your hands or by drawing an array, copy and paste this into your signature.



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I totally agree. Something else that would be nice that could help out the initial price flux of new items is making those items open for the first 2 weeks or so.


So if a new item is just released, for the first 2 weeks it would trade at any price. This way, the players allow the market to settle quickly, without going through the entire boom and bust cycle. RWT could not take advantage of the system, because most likely the item would get traded to someone else (selling a SoL when it was first released for 10gp, for example. Chances are it would go to someone else).

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