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Chaos Gaunlet


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Tip says it increase damage..which is very vague, RS wiki says it increase your max hit by 30..which is also kind of vague. So does it increase every hit by 30 or just increase the max hit by 30, and if I were to fire bolt iron/steel dragons during a slayer task with high mage equipment(ahrims/sol/fero ring/etc), would it be better to take the gaunlet for the increase damage or would it be better to take barrows glove for the added accuracy?


PS:Also, what does the gaunlet do specifically?


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It raises your max hit. If you're using bolts, use the gloves over barrows. Also, using mage pots and a damage boosting staff, and a hexcresy can increase your max to about 19-21 with fire bolt.

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What Chaos gauntlets basically do is that they let you cast Bolt spells with the damage of Blast spells, thus increasing your max hit with bolt spells. So the +30 is not for every hit, just for your max.


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