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The pitiful collection of Laxaria the bard


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A lot of my work is on deviantArt, so I will link as required. Of course, I would copy-paste some of my more recent pieces. +Faves and Comments welcomed and appreciated! <3


What is life?


What is life?


What is life but a fable agreed upon

By the people surrounding us?


We are told when to wake and when to sleep,

When to eat and when to speak.

We are taught how to see the world

As others see it - and never seek it.


We are prisoners chained to the rock,

Enslaved to shackles of destined fate.

Our purpose to live has been foretold,

And our means of death prophesied.


Like Daedalus we yearn for free flight,

To soar unrestrained from the prison of Crete,

To flee from the labyrinth of no escape -

Knowing full well - there's no way we can.


Like the stone on the shore that becomes sand,

Or the flower in the garden that will wilt;

And as Gaia spins around eclipsed Helios:

All omnipotent, all laughing at our plight,

As they play us like pawns to the king of gods.


Is that what life is?

A story of marching slaves towards a bottomless pit?

A chronicle of sorrowful facts that never end,

As the clocks tick by and breath erodes away?

Like a plot already predetermined by prophecy?


So, what is life but a fable agreed upon?




Wake UP!


Wake up. Wake up!

Wake up from your slumber!

Look around you! Open your eyes!

Can't you see what's happening?

If you open your eyes, I am sure you can.


Can't you see the devastation of nature's wrath?

Or how about the damage of terror?

Or the disease that plagues our world? Or the famines?

How about the people who lost their lives to war,

The bleeding children and dying women?

Surely you see this?


But, look closer. Do you see the emptiness behind that fake smile?

Or that lack of emotion behind the empty laugh?

How about the fear covered by words of courage?

Or those that need help but too afraid to ask?

Those who dread and run, who run and dread, do you not see them?

Surely, you see this?



Melodies of Life

An Angel in the shadows


deviantArt | A book without a cover | My poems | My Sigs

I'm an artist of words.

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