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Clan Video Section Rules

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Tip.it's Clan Video Section Rules



- All videos posted must be posted in [media] tags. This rule is to ensure the safety of our users. If you see a video that violates this rule, do not download it. Instead, report the post using the Report button.


  • If you post a link that requires downloading (megaupload, filefront, etc) in order to view it, your thread will be removed from public without notice and actions may be taken against your forum account.
  • List of approved streaming websites (more will be added):


- Tip.it is a G-rated forum (suitable for all ages), please help keep it that way. That means refrain from posting videos that contain, but are not limited to:

  • Pornographic material
  • Material with excess profanity/vulgar comments
  • Racial slurs or other derogatory comments aimed at a specific group of people


- Keep the fighting to the battlefield!


  • Please refrain from creating and posting videos that attack another clan in particular. Keep your fights to where they belong--the battlefield, and not the forum. We don't discourage rivalries but nor do we encourage open flame wars on the forums.


- All forum rules apply


  • Please familiarize yourself with our forum guidelines and Clan Forum Rules before posting your content. Videos that violate these rules will be removed without warning and further action could be taken against your account.
  • Additionally, all videos are expected to follow the rules outlined in our Wars & Runin Forum if they are recordings of a fight that took place.


- Clan Staff have the final say when it comes to disagreements about rules or removals of topcs.

  • If you disagree with your video's removal or have any general complaints, please contact Laikrob or Das.


Note: while we monitor all areas of the Clan Section as diligently as we can, we cannot feasibly be on 24/7. Please exercise the same caution when viewing clan videos as you would for any other media you watch on-line. Any attempt to download these videos is done so at the user's risk and we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your machine because of it.

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Last updated May 18th 2011

You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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