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New Pit room in POH


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As an avid builder, I'm interested in the new POH room, the dungeon pit. However, after examining the cost of it (7.5m for the iron dragon, 850k a superior trap), I'm beginning to wonder if this is any different than a treasure room, as I already have one with a steel dragon inside. Is it true that I can install multiple superior traps in the pit room? Do they hit players repeatedly? How much damage do they do? Can someone just stroll into the pit room, and just walk right out, or is it a bit more complicated? Is there anything special about the pit iron dragon?


I'd like these questions answered, and any additional info is always welcome, as I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I fork over the 10m and something (plus the 5m to lvl up con a few levels >.>).

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I have installed a few of them and they are quite fun to have in any Dungeon.


You can install up to four traps, I don't know about the first two lower levelled magic traps, but the highest one deals about 160ish lifepoints each time you step on it, that is when it is hidden - it will not deal any damage once visible. Once you try to go near a door with a trap you will always get hit. You will also always get hit once you walk into a room via a door with a trap near it. All four trap hotspots are separate and you must build in each hotspot if you want a full room of traps. That is 850k + 4.5k fire runes 4 times for the maxed traps.


If you have a monster in a room, you CANNOT leave the room (excluding the house owner who is free to roam the Dungeon as he/she pleases) until it is killed. If you do not have a monster in the room, you are free to go anywhere you want. You can only have oak doors in the rooms and it will not give you the option to build steel plated or marble. So in that respect you couldn't train on oak doors in these rooms either, as they are already there.


There is no "pick open door" or "force open door" options on these doors, once the monster is killed, there is nothing stopping you from leaving the room. (Which I think is a pity.) But the Monsters do seem to respawn fairly quickly. My black demon respawned quick enough, no idea what an iron dragon would be like.


Personally I wouldn't have my dungeon just of them, because I adore the teleporting traps in the junctions and corridors which you can't build in the pit dungeon unfortunately.


But I think that’s everything to the room, hope I helped.

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Oh yes thank you, you've helped quite a lot =D>


I think I may make this pit room as a sort of "guardian room" right before my steel dragon (4 top-tier traps with an iron dragon, then vine trap right in front of steel ftw) :twisted:


From my experience, dungeon-hallway monsters all tend to respawn at the same rate, but for the treasure guardians, the higher end ones tend to respawn a bit slower than the lower-leveled ones. I suspect the monsters in the pit will be the same.

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