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Historical Roleplay


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I was recently writing a bit more of my new Historical novel/story/whatever, when I thought it would make a rather good roleplay. So I thought I'd post the Prologue and let you guys post a chapter after that, and a chapter after that, and so on. Basically, we'd be joint writing a big roleplay story.


The story i'm writing is all true and historical, but this isn't that story! So feel free to bend the laws of physics at your will and write a following chapter with whatever characters you deem fit.


Some feedback would also be nice, but you could always send that to me in a Private Message.




Kingdoms unite; and then divide again. It has been the same since the beginning of time itself. In the falling days of the year 256BC, the Zhou Dynasty weakened significantly, leaving seven opposing Kingdoms to vie for power. In the dying moments of the year 221BC, the Warring States period had ended, leaving the Qin Dynasty victorious. It was at this time the Great Wall was built in its entirety.


However, as stated previously, with great power comes great downfall. In the year 207BC, King Ziying of the Qin surrendered to the rebels of the Chu, led by Liu Bang. This led to the downfall of the Qin Dynasty in the year 206BC and the defection of Liu Bang from Chu to Han.


This left a power vacuum across China, sparking the war between two opposing Kingdoms, Chu and Han. Han were soon declared victorious in the same year and thus the Golden Age of China began.


In the year 178AD, hens began to crow and a section of the Yuan Mountains collapsed, leaving the Emperor Ling in distress and confusion. This was attributed to the palace eunuchs gaining more and more power. He asked his close advisor, Cai Yong, about the problem. He simply replied:


"Falling rainbows and changes of fowls' sexes are brought about by the interference of empresses and eunuchs in state affairs."


This led the chief eunuch, Cao Jie, to drive Cai Yong from the capital and he was forced to retire in the countryside. After this, the eunuchs grew in boldness and became more daring. Ten of the most powerful eunuchs came together to form the group known as the Ten Regular Attendants, and they became very powerful with the Emperor. One of these said eunuchs, a man who went by the name Zhang Rang, won such influence with the Emperor himself that he became known as the Emperor's most trusted advisor. For such simple servants, they had a great influence on the Imperial Court.


In the state of the Julu, three brothers, known as Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang were causing unrest. Whilst culling medicinal ingredients in the forest, the eldest of the three, Zhang Jiao, was approached by an elderly gentleman with emerald green eyes. He gave Zhang Jiao the three volumes of The Book of Heaven.


Using these books, Zhang Jiao learned that he could control the wind and command the rain. Using these powers, in the first month of the year 184AD Zhang Jiao and his brothers were travelling around Julu healing the peasants and gaining more and more popularity. They became the Yellow Turbans, a 360,000 strong army.


Zhang Jiao and his brothers spoke of ending the Blue Heaven of the Han and bringing in a new Golden Heaven of the Yellow Turbans. This, too, gained them more popularity with the peasant population.


Fearing that the Imperial Court would discover their treachery, the Yellow Turbans rose to arms, and began their rebellion against the Han Dynasty. Emperor Ling summoned He Jin, the Guardian of the Throne, to do something about the rebellions. He Jin in turn summoned called upon generals from across China to come and put down the rebels. Three Imperial Commanders, Lu Zhi, Huangfu Song and Zhu Jun, marched against the Yellow Turbans in three different directions with veteran soldiers, such as the noble Cao Cao and the mighty Sun Jian, in tow.


When Zhang Jiao finally marched on northeastern region of Yuzhou, Commander Zhou Jing of Yuzhou suggested that they bring in more troops to bolster the defenses. One notice was sent to the county of Zhuo, where lived a man of high spirit. It is with him that his prologue ends, and the story of the Three Kingdoms begins...


"The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is any way a sign of lack of education or of a lack of verbal interest is just [bleep]ing lunacy" ~ Stephen Fry


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