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Becky's 2001-2003 Log

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My RuneScape log I found on my old sites archive. (Wasn't the only one that just made it.. My brother had helped me put it together)




2001 - 23 August: My birthday today - joined a week ago


2001 - 29 December: My friend howdydee2000 ended up with 6 crackers and chose me to pop them on.. got 3 out of 6 hats


2002 - 9 January: Went on Pk trip with Alex2004. Usually I am scared to go to wilderness but managed today.


2002 - 12 February : Big event coming up.


2002 - 30 March: My sister turned 2 yesterday. Made her a Runescape account for fun.


2002 - 12 April: Players got wiped for cheating.


2002 - 18 June: Ran into famous person, they gave me many certs


2002 - 21 September: Made 3 friends. Eminem guy, Justincar and Rainbow247. Rainbow likes skilling mining and I do too.


2003 - 7 March: Lost one of my colorful party hats.


2003 - 29 April: Easter Bunny ears dropped from sky last week.. didn't log this down on the day.


2003 - 5 July: I saw some guy called Mr Kickass.. His name is so funny.


2003 - 24 August: Was not on for birthday. been playing 2 years. That means Beaver2001 and I have been friends for 2 years.




I stopped using my website then it went down. I only got to save these here. therefore lost a fair bit of logs

Queen of Classic


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