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Dungeoneering resets

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Could someone please explain to me how the reset button for dungeoneering affects your prestige and when the best time to reset (if there is one) in order to get the highest experience possible. I'm kind of getting sick of level 40s getting more xp per dungeon when I do most of the stuff and they have death penalties. I hope someone can help, thanks.


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Reset after you finish all floors you can complete.

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Once you have completed all the floors that you can, reset your ring. It should tell you in your chatbox once you can't go any further with the floors.

Once you have completed all the floors prior to the highest level you can reach, faster experience is gained by resetting the ring.

Best experience per hour can obtained by "rushing" all dungeons with 5 "pro" adventurers (probably 5:3 or 5:5) , doing small dungeons from floor 1-29, if "pro" team are nowhere near to be formed, duoing with a "pro" gives the second choice.

Then from the higher floors doing 5:5 large dungeons, accessing all rooms and leaving unnecessary monsters. With a "pro" keyman and teamates with high combats, floors can be completed in approximately 40 minutes. It is possible to obtain 40-50k experience from one of these floors.

* Only reset your progress once, otherwise your Prestige will be affected.
* Prestige is a bonus given to how many unique levels you have done since your last reset.
* Example run:

1. Floors 1-20 will give a Prestige bonus of 20.
2. Reset your ring so all the floors have a blank completion space next to them on the Floor screen. This will change your "Current Progress" from 20 to 0, but your "Previous Progress" will change from 0 to 20.
3. Do Floors 1-20.
4. As you have already received a Prestige bonus of 20, that will stay with you from Floors 1-20 after the reset.
5. If you level up enough to move on to Floor 21 then complete it, you will have a Prestige bonus of 21, equivalent to 21 unique Floors completed.

Repeat with your new Prestige bonus, or, if you can, first do up until your highest available Floor for a greater Prestige bonus.

* The higher Prestige bonus carried through levels 1-maximum for the second time will give you significantly more experience than the first.

* Note: Once you reset don't reset again until all the floors you can do are completed. In other words, do not reset, then reset again right after, this will result in the player doing all the floors again with less experience.

Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

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