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  1. Oh wow that list looks very useful, thank you.
  2. I've recently returned to the game and have just begun divination. I know I can buy energy and that will improve my experience rate, I'm just in the process of working out whether its efficient to do so. How many energy will I use per hour at various levels? Mainly interested in between 70 and 99 as thats where the bulk of the training will be. Also, is the energy commonly sold or a relatively quiet market? Thanks.
  3. It means that, when you add people you want, you have to remove people you don't want/care about. It forces you to prune the list. You just set the number to be higher than the number of people you'll want on your facebook feed at any given time. Yeah I get the pruning numbers part. I'm more curious as to the how/why you determine the bolded part.
  4. If I know the person I'm usually quite happy to add them, there are very few people who I dislike strongly. I've reduced the number of people I've added, mostly because I'd talk with someone at a party or two and now I have a bunch of friends I don't really know/will likely never see again. I tend not to unfriend though, usually I'll just hide posts from those I'm not interested in. I've noticed being unfriended a couple of times but they've all been people I haven't seen for a while and I look at their profiles/whatever so infrequently I don't actually know when they did it. Can someone explain why they keep their friends within a set number? That seems like a strange practice to me, the amount if people you want to interact with will vary over time.
  5. In addition to the who really cares whether she wore heels or not it's not that big of a deal point, also consider that maybe she just misjudged the dress code? If it's a class opening event and (correct me if I'm wrong) you mentioned something about you both being first years at university then she might have simply thought that was going to be the dress code. I'm in my final year of uni and I'm not even sure what you mean by "class opening event". Good job Veiva, hopefully she'll call but even if nothing comes of it you've at least given it a shot and have a bit of practice. Nice can-do attitude.
  6. Jim beam and coke, can't afford Jack. Generally just beer if I'm at a bar on account of poverty.
  7. Assuming you don't know what this is, kill elves in Letya for them then recharge in bulk with Eluned of the riving elves quest.
  8. Yes, it's 6 voyages for the first lot of rewards. You do need to be in the final region though (one voyage for each of the storylines per region).
  9. Once you finish the individual storylines you get 50 or so trade goods in a pre-determined good. Then you access dual/triple story missions which again have high trade goods rewards. The rewards areone offs.
  10. Try to back one into the lamps/trees/fences so they can't move.
  11. When you stop enjoying it. As you get older you're less likely to play though as you tend to have more responsibilties.
  12. The cake was never heard from again...
  13. Just getting back to the new typing: I've seen a lot of discussion on what pokemon will be retyped. I'm curious as to any moves that will be retyped/new fairy moves that will be introduced to non-fairy pokemon, even if they're not getting STAB, this could give some pokemon a boost when it comes to type coverage.
  14. [hide] [/hide] Guessing he's referring to this, which answers the first part of your question if not the second.
  15. So long as you don't get her tipsy and take advantage, then assuming she says yes, there's not as much of a drawback to a dinner as you're imagining.
  16. While I think it would be better if people could make their own armour at lower levels like this, I do wonder how you would then balance the experience rates? If you leave them as is, then a person with level 50 smithing would be able to get the same xp rates as someone with smithing in the 90's currently can. Leaving aside the ability of higher levels to acquire the resources in larger numbers. If you lower the experience received from making armour then until you add the things such as enhancements etc, you're making it very slow for higher levels to train smithing.
  17. Exactly. The last paragraph is entirely true. And I think to often people seeking relationships because evryone else is. Someone was saying earlier that in order to view and interact well in a relationship, you have to be ok AND enjoy being single. Personally I see relationships as a continuation of a very goodfriendahip with someone of the opposite gender (this being how I would govern a relationship). Thus I willnot even consider "dating" someone if I have not be "friendzoned" by them prior. If that makes sense. I want to be entirely comfortable with the person and underatand how they react to situations and if their reactions would compliment mine, if not it's setup for failure. This does make sense to some people. In fact it reminded me of something Randox posted previously about the different kinds of ways we develop attraction.
  18. Buses don't go monogamy, they've got people getting on and off them all day every day.
  19. It's got one in the far left of the picture by the looks of it.
  20. I do seem to recall you saying something about having this done before eoc would be released. Congratulations though.
  21. It was also mentioned a few times in the 200m thread.
  22. I thought you didn't trust Jagex to fix stuff like this? On a different note, seeing as the increased trade good totems are useless for the moment, what should I spend my excess jade on if I have fourth ship, all crew and upgrades?
  23. I have it as a bit of a tradition to get these in multiples, here's the latest batch. And I accidentally erased the picture for the last one but got the message instead.
  24. If they do announce a world for the party beforehand, imagine if it got so full or S U O M I lagged out and couldn't get back in to his own party.
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