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  1. The idea is good. Just the price of the bonds should be way higher (ingame) to compete with the Goldfarmers Bond price: $5,00 Gold Price Goldfarmers: ± $0,34 To be able to compete with the gold farmers the bonds have to sell for atleast 14,75m
  2. Yeah now i am forced to use my small and med lamps i saved up for divi :(
  3. I got the right Tier since day of release until yesterday when i got a challenge for 1 Tier lower. I found this very odd. i have had this issue for like 2-3 days now
  4. Any1 else here that keeps getting a Daily challenge for divi that is 1 tier to low?
  5. Any1 else just got d/ced and cant get back in the game?
  6. Nobody is allowed to enter my Basement! 8-)
  7. JAgex logic. Not enough content to fill September and they just postpone this 1 week to skip a week of content ;)
  8. This is also explained on the wiki page Hunter items from a Divine deadfall trap count as 2 resources. Herbs from a Divine herb patch I count as 2 resources. Logs from a Divine magic tree counts as 2 resources. Ore from a Divine adamantite rock counts as 3 resources. Herbs from a Divine herb patch II count as 4 resources. Hunter items from a Divine box trap count as 5 resources. Herbs from a Divine herb patch III count as 8 resources. Ore from a Divine runite rock counts as 12 resources. I will make a Divination Spot later tonight after work and report how many resources on what number and on wich Skill total level. Maybe you guys want to do this with me maybe we can make something out of this.
  9. Any1 know what the formula is for the daily divine locations?
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