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*NEW* BlogScape Forum Rules

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BlogScape Forum Rules

BlogScape is a forum used for running commentaries of your RuneScape experiences and goals.

Forum Rules & Guidelines:

We are more lenient when it comes to spam and casual off-topic chatter in BlogScape but all other Tip.it Forum Rules apply, including but not limited to:

  • Be respectful to all posters and their blogs. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged but flaming/harassment is not tolerated.
  • Censor evasion is not permitted. Using BBCode, symbols or abbreviations to work around the word filter is grounds for post removal and possible further action against your account. This includes censor evasion in RuneScape screenshots. If a screenshot contains inappropriate words, please edit it out in an image editing program before posting.
  • Staff bashing is not permitted. If you disagree with a moderator's actions, you may not post/complain about it publicly. You may PM the moderator in question to discuss/inquire about the matter and if you are still displeased with the results, you must then PM an administrator with your complaints.
  • All RuneScape rules are strictly enforced. If we find you admitting to violating any of these rules, action may be taken against your forum account.

If you see any of the above rules being violated, please remember to report them using the "/!\ Report" icon.


Topics That Belong in BlogScape:

  • Threads that chronicle daily/weekly RuneScape happenings.
  • Threads narrating one's path towards a certain goal/achievement.
  • Boss monster trips/stories (KBD, KQ, Barrows, GWD, etc.), may it be with groups or alone.
  • Routine mini-game (Pest Control, Fight Caves, Castle Wars, etc.) experiences, diaries and rewards.

Topics That Belong on Other Boards:

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