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Guardians Of Guthix Making A Comeback!


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Welcome to the Guardians of Guthix

3.5 years+ and still non-stop!



Guardians of Guthix Runehead

Guardians of Guthix Forums

Runescape Clan Page: Guardians of Guthix



Who are we?

Here at Guardians of Guthix we strive to make a community that suits you. We listen to everybody's opinions, we have loads of entertaining events, and a great clan forum where you can be a part of the community. There is a GoG Code of Honor as well as a Constitution, to keep the clan forums maintained, organized, and healthy and to ensure that our clan members do what is right.






In order to join this amazing clan, you must have any of the following:


For Regular Applicants:


  • 90+ Combat Level
  • or 1 Skills above 85
  • or 2 Skills above 80




  • 130 Melee stats
  • and/or 80+ Range
  • and/or 80+ Magic


The reason for the "and/or" on the pure req. is because there are many pures that train two combat skills. We will make exceptions to those who have defense on their pures.




What we have to offer.


Being a Guardians of Guthix means you have access to the following privileges:

  1. A Great community: We accept people of all ages and we pride ourselves on having a community of a wide range of ages: from teenagers to married folk.
  2. Ventrilo: Ventrilo is a chat program, that we pay for, that features a built-in microphone chat that enables you to talk while doing dangerous tasks, like God wars, or simply just to talk with people without being on Runescape. If you do not have a microphone, you can simply type in the chat box.
  3. Events! Here at GoG we have lots of clan events, some almost daily! Almost all the time you will be able to hang out with fellow GoG members!


Proof of Activity:





What we look for in a member.


The Guardians of Guthix is a community based on familial values. There is no place in our clan for insults, hurting another member, breaking of Runescape rules and clan rules, and anything that could earn you a blackmark on Runescape. We accept only those who are rule-abiding and have it in their best interest to promote good among the clan. We look for those who maintain their HONOUR, because that's what being a Guardian is all about!






Here in the Guardians of Guthix, we LOVE to have fun. Here's is a just a sample of the kind of fun we have:

  • Player Killing: We have many excellent F2p and P2p PKers that have made over millions. They also love teaching others!
  • Firefests: We usually do these when celebrating a holiday. Firefests also follow up with parades around crowded cities. It is GoG tradition that we do a Mothers Day firefest in Falador every year.
  • Various kinds of inner clan wars: We do snowball fights, ranger fights, fight pits, castle war fights, where we make two teams and they battle to the death.
  • God wars: We have many people in GoG dedicated to God Wars making over billions from God wars. We have almost god war trips and we also teach our members how to be successful in God wars. God Wars is probably the pinnacle of our events, however, if you dont know how to do God Wars or are afraid, we will help you change that!
  • House Parties: Our members host excellent house parties whether it is to celebrate someone's achievement or just to relax and have fun.


We also encourage our members to come up with events. You think it, post it, and we'll try out hardest to be there!







Kaphite Queen

KBD Turnout



To Join:


Please register or log on our site to access our forums.


If you want to join this amazing clan, please register and fill out the information. Do NOT use your runescape password.


After you have completed the form, please submit and check your email.


A validation mail will be sent to your email, and when you click on the link provided on your email, your account will be validated.


Go to application desk and copy and paste the application onto your new topic. Thanks and have fun!



LtGen Singh

GoG Moderator ; Former Triumvir (leader)




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