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  1. They are alright for training but at your stats im not so sure since they are relatively high combat you can definetly kill them im just not so sure how efficent they will be with your stats you will definetly make profit though
  2. Your more likely to see them on 30-35 large 5:5 so just continue dunging and you will get 1
  3. Got totem for pyramid plunder but it does come in handy at dks
  4. No I dont :( Old friends that maybe remember your name? maybe you can send jagex an email and if you provide enough information they can tell you? (shooting off ideas pardon me)
  5. Sorry gave it a shot hmmm try looking up maybe you have some old pk kill pics?
  6. Was it after they did the you make an account the email will be used to login fluke?
  7. Please tell me any and all items/quests/achievement diary levels(hard, medium, elite etc..)/dung scrolls/anything else that I have not listed that will be even slightly helpful with PvM. Refrain from leaving sarcastic posts/misleading information/spamming this thread. Elite/hard ardy diary for ardy cape 3 (+6 stab +6 pray) Elite seers diary (elite enhanced excalibur heals 400 per 100% spec) Elite relekka diary (relekka boots=more damage vs dks + more noted drops at dks) While guthix sleeps (access to tds) Temple of Sennistien (access to curses) Edgars ruse (access to teleport to trollheim) Reciept for disaster(access to barrows gloves) Mobilising armies rank (access to imbued rings) Scroll of cleansing (helps with 99 herby+saves torstols on ovls) Antiposion totem(useful at dks dont need to worry about being poisoned NOT NEEDED BUT SAVES INVENT SPACE) Full void with deflector (used at nex) Nomads requiem(access to soulwars cape +12 pray and soulwars respawn) Spirit of summer+summers end(access to corp) Frem isles (access to helm of nieznot) Barbarian assault(access to fighter hat +5 stab slash crush fighter torso +4 str) I might have forgot something major let me know if i did
  8. Rapier with turm and ovls is about as efficent as cls if not more efficent Also may i suggest that you dont say Cls is best for bandos when you dont have access to that weapon Everyone I have ever talked to and everyone who has posted on the H&A section would say cls > rapier at bandos. leave troll. Not trolling just saying that in my experience rapier with turm+ovls outhits cls Cls is best if you dont have turm+ovls.
  9. Rapier with turm and ovls is about as efficent as cls if not more efficent Also may i suggest that you dont say Cls is best for bandos when you dont have access to that weapon
  10. 96 summon=yak which equals summon yak it holds 30 spaces use scroll and it banks an item for you so really no extra banking required and it can hold more pray potions so it actually would make your trips longer
  11. If you got 96 summon then did black demons with yak to bank the ashes you would make some bank back to pay for cannonballs then more charms and more effigys and range xp so all good
  12. No problem on the reply i enjoy teaching how to boss hunt since i enjoy it so much :P
  13. As far as this "I have been looking into this and I have some things down so far that I think I would need: chaotic rapier, longsword, crossbow, maul, staff arcane stream necklace barrows gloves Maxed combat (99 attack, strength, hit points, defence, range, mage, prayer, summoning) 99 herblore (overloads, lots of them) Turmoil, rigor, vigor, piety" skip cls and just get rapier maul crossbow and staff is only good for dks really As far as funding 99 herby/other stats etc i recommend doing a mixture of tds/frosts as far as solo
  14. [hide] [/hide]add me ingame my rsn is nastyforinvi. i will help you with anything boss related (what i spend 97% of my time on rs doing) currently at work tho so can help you afterward
  15. I should have refined my question. I intended to cannon most of these tasks, but wasn't sure whether a crossbow would be effective or if I should just melee them. Also, I thought the fire giants in the chaos tunnels would be nicely chinnable, although I could be wrong. IMO they dont stack very well at the most you might hit 2 at a time which is mediocre at best so the best option would be to cannon them in the resource dungeon while meleeing.
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