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** New Posting Guidelines **

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** New Posting Guidelines **

Not all of these guidelines are strict rules that will result in disciplinary action if violated; they are guidelines that Tip.It Moderators will gently encourage through posting reminders and other kinds of in-thread moderation. However some of them (such as flaming peoples' advice) will not be tolerated at all.

  • The original question should be answered before alternatives are given. i.e. If a user says they are woodcutting to make money and ask where the best place to cut yews is, their question should be answered before alternative money-making methods (killing frost dragons, monster hunting, etc.) are given. If the user clearly states in their first post that they do not want any alternatives, then they should not be posted at all.
  • Do not flame other peoples' suggestions. You are welcome to calmly/politely expand on their ideas or counter advice if it is incorrect, but always do so constructively. Rude comments like, "This advice sucks - don't follow it," are not permitted. If advice is bad or incorrect, use facts and figures to politely disprove it.
  • If you are going to challenge someone else's advice directly, please use evidence to avoid flaming and drawn-out disagreements.
  • Remember, use the /!\ Report button to report any rule-breaking posts to the moderator team! Then they can be removed (if necessary) and dealt with in the appropriate fashion!


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