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Staking or Player Killing


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My stats are currently:

55 Attack (Working on 60 as I type this)

80 stength

1 defence

11 prayer

80 range

80 mage (82 banked in superheats)

73 hp

63 Combat


I have done the following quests:

Horror from the deep

Monkey Madness

Desert Treasure


I have a net worth of about 15m. I made 5m today mage boxing doing 250k and 500k stakes and I did pretty good. My good RS friend says I should go pk'er since I have lower HP then most stakers my level.. I have enough money to go on either road. If I choose staker. I will get 94 mage at 64 combat and mage box. Otherwise I will work on prayer and smite pk.


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