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Seeking a pking-warring clan/boss fighting clan

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I'm looking for a clan who pk's and wars plus does boss fights when bored. My current combat lvl is 89. Currently working on getting strength up to 90 (81 right now)

Stats are:

66 att

81 str

60 def

82 constitution

91 range

46 pray

56 magic



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=o You're leveling pretty fast. :^D


You basically described my clan when you said wars and pks and bosses when bored lolll. I would invite you to join, buuuuuuuuut... >.> Our combat requirements are 105+ F2P :/ HOWEVER... <.< >.> I see that you're actively leveling (and fast). So I'll tell you this: feel free to hang out in our clan chat, The Clan, and get to know us. Once you reach about 100 F2P combat, really when you have a bit higher def--like 75+, AND post an introduction on our forums, then I personally will definitely invite you to experience a few of our wars whenever we have them. Posting that introduction is super important to be able to go to wars because we are an organized, official warring clan and there are some rules we have to follow to let you try us out. ^_^


Of course before then you're always invited to do our other things like bossing, f2p and p2p pking, and all sorts of fun events.




So yeah. If you're interested in the offer just come by our clan chat and/or add me in-game.


Feel free to post an introduction now if you'd like; there's no level requirement on that.


All the links you need are in my sig. Our forums is the word "orange" and for more information click on the dancing orange.


Thanks for even reading this and I hope to see you around. ^_^

Oranges do:





F2P Pk

P2P Pk

Fun Stuff


So I heard you like xP0sz.gif?

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If you're looking for a clan you can join right away but still does events right up your alley, check out AL! We focus on f2p warring (not hardcore about it, though), but we also do boss hunting and PKing events. You just meet our requirements; we're 90+ f2p. I hope to see you join!




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