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What's Prayer? Blog of an aspiring staker.

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Endeared's Lovable Blawg.

... is now ready for deployment! :razz:

Posted Image

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Goals and Aspirations
What I'm Working On

Goals & Aspirations


The idea behind this account was to create an effective and enjoyable low level staking account: while the norm tends towards range boxing at lower levels, I thought it would be nice to not only experiment with something different, but to challenge myself with rigorous self imposed limitations. Besides, a level 60 something running around with a rapier is pretty snazzy, no? I'm also a bit out of touch with the current PKing scene, with all the power creep, change in clans and influx of new players. Staking gives me a more controllable and familiar environment (despite the shifts in weapons, staking trends and the like).

Obviously my desire to acquire wealth plays a large part in the impetus to create such an account - I'm fairly confident that my skill build should work out to my benefit: but time will tell. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll still have a fun and unusual account with a solid basis for becoming some sort of pure. Why I'm focusing on particular stats is explained further in depth below: if you have helpful comments or suggestions please post. :thumbup:



1/80 Attack

~ Obviously, this is the required level to wield the chaotic melee weapons: it also gives me access to a bunch of neat stuff, most notably Staff of Light. The basis behind this build is that weapons with higher base strength out perform those with the same speed & lower strength, despite actual difference in Strength levels, while retaining much higher accuracy. (e.g. 80 Attack/40 Strength with Rapier outperforms 60 Attack/60 Strength with Dragon Scimitar, given the same Constitution & combat level and lack of % boosts [Prayer/Potions]).

This will probably be trained on Chaos Druids/Rock Crabs to 70, then I'll be using an Abyssal Whip in Soulwars/Pest Control.

1/45 Strength

~ The higher Strength I acquire, the more combat levels I gain and am thus more likely to come across a) similar accounts, negating any edge I have and b) richer pures, who have access to VLS/CSH and with a higher strength level have me at a distinct disadvantage. Strength will inevitably be raised anyway as I plan to stake on Aggressive for the invisible +3 Strength bonus - this will be liable to change.

Will be mostly quested.

Defence: 1/1

~ Due to the introduction of Nex Armour/Spirit Shields/Chaotic Shields/Corrupt & Uncorrupt PvP Armours, the majority of stakes are armour off. As such, it's far less useful than it might be for the cost in terms of combat levels (outside of training).

Prayer: 1/1

~ Very few uses for this in the Duel Arena, as almost everyone stakes with Prayer Off. The only real reason to get it on a staking account is if you have access to Corp Sigils, which I don't.

Summoning: 1/1

~ I don't have the patience to make a Summoning based account, and without a very high levels of summoning it's simply wasted combat levels.

Constitution: 30/80

~ An abnormally high level of Constitution is pretty essential, as you tend not to have access to food and duels are often close enough that surviving for one extra hit distinguishes the victor.

Over the next few months I'll be spending some quality time at Soulwars/Pest Control in order to get this up. Depending on what I need for quests and the like, it will also be lamped/penguined and Troll Invasioned.

Magic: 1/80

~ 75 Magic allows me to wield the Staff of Light for staking with Special On: 80 is for a clean cut look and access to charged God Spells for questing.

I'll probably just do this the usual way, via High Alching/Superheating/Teleporting/Enchanting, despite the fact it doesn't give me Constitution XP.

Ranged: 46/ 80

~ 70 Range means that I can wear Black D'Chaps for training and gives much desired Constitution experience and another option for Slaying. Should I ever want to transition to Range Staking, I can wield the Chaotic Crossbow and PVP ranged weapons.

I'll probably spend a fun few weeks with Rock Crabs and Ogres, as I have neither the prayer level or cashpile necessary to Chin things.

Non Combat

Herblore: 49

~ This is purely to use the Scroll of Cleansing.

Farming: 70

~ Farming is definitely my favourite skill and a fantastic money maker to boot. I find it very relaxing and different from other RS skills. Will be training this for fun and profit . <3:

Dungeoneering: 82

~ A lot of you are probably wondering why not 85? Well, I'm currently sick to death of Daemonheim and due to prayer restraints will not killing Frost Dragons for quite some time. They are also unfortunately botted out from what I hear, something which I want no part of. 83 allows me to get my grubby mitts on all the goodies I could want, other than another Chaotic.

Runecrafting: 54

~ The robes are adorable! Most likely I'll drop a chunk of cash on powercrafting Fire Runes.

Slayer: 55

~ Access to Broad Bolts/Slayer Dart will be an enormous boon. Will be training this by killing stuff.

QP: 12/150

~ I really enjoy questing and the goodies that come with it. This is just a rough figure to get me started. <3:


Posted Image Chaotic Rapier: []

Posted Image Arcane Stream Necklace: []

Posted ImageScroll of Life: []

Posted ImageScroll of Cleansing: [X]

Posted ImageBerserker Ring: []

Posted ImageAbyssal Whip: []

Posted ImageStaff of Light: []

Posted ImageAmulet of Fury: []

Posted ImageBook of Balance: []

Posted ImageAdamant Gloves: []

Posted ImageClimbing Boots: [X]

Posted ImageVarrock Armour 1: []

Posted ImageRunecrafter Robes: []

What's Going On?

I'm in the midst of writing a late essay, so I probably won't achieve too much today: I'm about 47k away from 81 Dungeoneering, so I might try and get 82 tonight - a the moment I'm pretty fatigued ala Deamonheim. I'm also working on how to make my blog prettier and things, but with concentrating solely on getting my tokens out of the way, there's minimal opportunity for exciting screenshot!

However, I feel the beginnings of my blog are essentially complete - so time to unleash in on the unsuspecting community ^~^


Where they're due.

A big thanks to all my DGing buddies on W61: especially L2eataberry, Dig my Santa ('grats on 99 mate <3:), Heavennate and Dynneria - you've been wonderful, especially in putting up with my sense of humour this last week. There's many others of course, but you know who you are!

I found a panda and then we bought malt liquor. I hold my malt liquor better than a panda.

And I thought my weekends were good. ._.

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    Goblin Armour

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  • 107 posts
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  • Location:New Zealand
  • Joined:15 March 2011
  • RuneScape Status:Semi-Retired
  • RSN:Japery
Blog is now functional, but could do with some more colour methinks.

Any advice on layout is definitely appreciated. :thumbup:

I found a panda and then we bought malt liquor. I hold my malt liquor better than a panda.

And I thought my weekends were good. ._.

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