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Elvish Crystallic Nursery: High Level Mini-game

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The Elven Crystalic Nursery mini-game. Using concepts for creating a Spirit Bow suggested earlier, it's easy to create an "Elvish Crystallic Nursery" who's sole purpose is to supply the Elves with Crystal Weapons and Armor. In this multi-player minigame are Six farming plots in different areas of the Nursery, and a HUD saying the number of attacking species (gnomes, trolls, dagannoths, dwarves, etc.). Of course, you can also look around to see what's attacking.

It's the player's job to use his skills to create powerful bows, weapons and armor for the Elves to fight off the enemies. The unique thing is you're using crystal seeds for this process and must guide the growth to create the necessary piece of equipment. Players get better bonuses and experience when they produce items that help against the strongest enemy currently attacking (either a weapon good against the defensive armor of the species, or an armor good against the enemy's attack). This should be strong enough bonus to deter making only one type of item for the experience alone.

Process to CHANT items involve burying the seed, using prayer and agility for musical lyre and chanting dance to create a stage of growth. At each of the seed's 10 growth stages, players attack parts of the crystal tree with magic, range or melee to encourage crystal armor or weapons to form. They then use smithing, fletching or crafting to remove spurs and imperfections to further encourage the correct growth and form of the crystal. This can be fun, as player's can be guided at each stage to narrow down what type of item they're creating. After guiding, the player then does the chanting and lyre dance for the next stage of growth.

For fun, there can be a method to create Spirit Bows or Spirit Arrows on a faster scale in this game (Spirit tree spot, Phoenix spot, Spinning Wheel) to supply the army.

As this involves Combat skills, Farming, Crafting, Fletching, and Smithing in the Elvish lands, this is a HIGH LEVEL mini-game. You'll need 70 to 99 in multiple skills to be of use in this. The higher level the skills, the more powerful weapons and armors that can be created (more experience and bonuses).

There are 7 levels of items: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 99.
Each level means you have that skill level in all skills needed to make that weapon or armor
Example: A level 75 crystal bow (dagger) needs 75 skills in farming, prayer, agility, range and fletching (attack, strength, smithing). A level 90 crystal bow (arbalist?) would need 90 in farming, prayer, agility, range, and fletching (attack, strength, smithing).

As there's a bonus based on the type of species attacking, that encourages players to shift what they're making. Players get experience based on what skills they use to guide the creation of the item. This can be modified based on how beneficial at the moment the potential final product can be. In addition, there's the bonus points that can be built up. These can be traded in for abilities to create Crystal Items in two special farming plots.

Growing tradeable Crystal Items: It'll take at least 1 day per item. Just like the mini-game, there are 10 stages of growth (once every 2 hours). At each stage, you guide it toward the final product. These do not get diseased, merely stop at it's current stage until you encourage the next stage. These can be powerful level 80 items where fully charged would be like level 85 or 90 weapons. Even degraded, these items are tradeable. However, to "recharge" items that have not become a seed, players will need to "plant" the armor or weapon back into their farming plot. It then acts as if it's at the stage as it's current charge (so a level 7 bow will become a stage 7 tree that's in the process of becoming a bow).

This offers enormous benefits to skilling players as their services will be needed constantly. Most players will always want multiple fully charged items to have the best attack/defense abilities. This of course will need to be balanced by making the initial seed difficult to get in addition to requiring powerful weapons/spells and high level skills to create these. One suggestion is that chaotic weapons are only non-elvish weapons that can affect growth on player owned farming plots (if too excessive, make it gravite but using them degrades the items).


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