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  1. This change has been 10 years too late. I never understood that logic that two IRL friends can give each other's multiple accounts unbalanced trades and all is well, but if an individual does it then it's unfair and breaks gameplay. Yes, now there'll be some exploits but really I think that's fair so long as they're not botted. Want to micromanage four or five accounts that are running essense to the astral altar, be my guest. The minigame issue being brought up is legitimate. Lot of dead mini-games out there now. Jagex needs to seriously consider having NPCs fulfill some mini-game roles on some servers. Perhaps make it so that players can purchase the NPCs time for that minigame as a method of balance. Imagine hiring a group of NPCs to run the blast furnace for example.
  2. No item is being put on the GE. The shards are now the item. The entire team has enough shards for one item. It's up to each of them whether to keep, trade or sell the shards. I've considered it. I even want them to go one further and allow us to break about 100% items into shards. Perfect fix to the decay to dust items like Port Armor. Hell, for port armor, give us the option to craft shards for the items in multiples of 12 so we can cash out our voyages earlier. Using 12 shards to repair 10% is better than banking or destroying a piece of equipment that's at 5% or less. Might even make Port Armor a bit more viable. Even without this, it's a good update.
  3. It won't be popular, but Jagex could revamp most of the skills to follow the Runespan and Divination model where you can level fast with decent AFK but make little to no profit but at little to no cost. They can pair or group the skills off, have an individual counter on the gathering part that feeds into the production skill but still offer a method to do the production if you don't do the gathering. Hell, if the use a 'resource point' model, they can alter all the monster drops that offer tradeable skilling items and instead make those into various resource points. Resource points feed into specific skilling minigames. Raw material stops flooding the market as there's little need for it outside of the consumable final product or people that want superfast experience. You still have ability to make all the things you did before, but now it's like runecrafting where the runes are now worth MUCH MORE than the rune essence because you don't need essence to train and there's no more runes flooding the market.
  4. This was a fun event truth be told. Like others, I enjoyed seeing the environment slowly change with the group effort. Wasn't too impressed when the building ended. I was there when it went to 100% complete. Saw all the workers suddenly appear by the fence but not much else. Hopefully the next world event is like this with minimal but consistent daily effort for the best rewards. Anyway, 10 to 15 large lamps for a little effort (I had a zamorakian symbol so gathering was super easy). Only missed the first day and screwed up the memorial bonus points.
  5. Most likely all those bonds were bought off the GE as one can donate directly to charities without Jagex taking its cut. That also put 28 billion into circulation which will be spent as few will buy gp with the only intention of letting it sit in the bank and money circulation is a great thing though there's a risk to inflation. As for unbuyable content, those either have methods to be bought in another manner (buying DG floors) or need content to access that in itself can be bought. Great ideas still, but not a solution for the problem of illegal gp sellers. @TS_Stormrage, Great article. I've been thinking about it and I don't see the immediate need to offer a monetary cash-in for bonds at the moment. For now, they seem to doing their job with their limited cash-in value of membership, spins or coins. Add in a cash back option then that will draw in the botters in a big way but in a more distributed fashion since many players might like the idea of $2 an hour just running their computer at night. Its one of those things you can't fully predict the outcome. It could destroy Jagex with the bot onslaught or it could bring in players by the thousands looking at an interesting way to get money by having fun playing a game or something equally unpredictable. As for the casino idea, I believe Jagex mentioned that it runs counter to British law concerning online gambling. Personally I think it'd make a great cash sink but what can you do about national laws. It's also possible Jagex has an ingenious method to implement some cash sinks in addition to the new skill. Time will tell.
  6. The problem remains in that people would have bought gp to purchase the materials to get the ranks needed to get to the untradeable items. Even dungeoneering levels and therefore the items can be purchased via buying floors. Don't get me wrong, I like the untradeable aspect for some high level gear but that won't solve the gp selling problem. Besides, if you look at it, bonds are a stranger's equivalent of buying membership for your school buddy or me buying membership for my daughter. Whereas before, you had to know the person that bought you membership, spins or runecoins now there's an honest broker method for it to be done with strangers. Really, that's all it is. Bonds shift who is paying for a Jagex service. Sure, unless your helping out a buddy you'll want some gp in exchange for a bond (hence the gp selling aspect) but Jagex is keeping its hands out of that part aside from a 10% penalty on retrades. Now, it could be worse. TS_Stormrage and I have suggested that perhaps Jagex can offer cash back or Amazon store credit at 60% to 80% value. Thinking more on it, this might be a bad idea in that it creates a legitimate dollar figure when it comes to bond trade value even after Jagex takes its cut. Not many will rush to trade gp for bonds when the only return is membership, spins and runecoins. However, if it turns out 1 hour of effort in game can result in enough gp to get 2 bonds from others (and maybe $8 in cash) you might find many, many people that don't give a crap about the game starting to play (or more likely bot) because there's now money to be made. Then again, combined with effective gp sinks, it could make RuneScape a viable game and economy for another 10 years or more. True, this has been a subtle seduction of sorts by Jagex ever since spins has come out. It is not the game play and philosophy that existed 10 years ago. Sometimes noble intentions must give way to harsh realities. If many players want to buy gp, have an illegal means to do it without a legal alternative, they'll take it if they believe it to be safe. For now, players have a method to sort of sell and buy gp via bonds. That combined with botwatch seems to make an interesting game.
  7. I don't understand your logic. There's risk with everything. Can I not say that playing baseball is little to no risk of injury simply because risk is present? Either it's there or it's not? Then just say it's little risk. At most, someone will ask you to put that into perspective such as out of x gp trades there's been y complaints compared to something similar with Amazon or Yahoo. If these gp sites are on the up and up and can prove it (large amounts of anecdotal evidence suffice) then I'm cool with the statement that Jagex is bs'ing on that part. Off topic but baseball has a high risk of injury (2 per 100 hours of play in US Navy at least), though the severity may vary. I've never said that it's not fine buying from Jagex. However, for the average-Joe third-party is still far more appealing. It's cheaper. The only benefit is, like was said, that the money will be reinvested into the game. However, how much did SoF add to their income and their worth-while updates since have been... Vorago? When you buy other things, let's say a vehicle, do you buy it directly from the manufacturer? Do you ensure that you buy it new from a Ford dealership, paying (for lack of a better term) out the ass, for the sole reason that your money (as if you alone make a difference) will be reinvested and improve your next vehicle purchase? Also, saying that I don't think it'll work is going crazy? Ok, then that's fair in that you don't care where people buy their gp. I prefer Jagex's method at the moment though those that have billions of gp will probably prefer a method that lets them get money directly for their gp (they could give a crap about membership, spins or runecoins). I won't get into what counts as worthwhile updates because that'll give you 100 different answers from 100 different people. As for your car dealership example, again it's off topic but many states in the US have laws that prevent direct sales. You have to go through a dealership to buy a car (Tesla motors brought this to light recently). However, in that case the dealership did buy the car from the manufacturer at least. With gp sites, except for membership I doubt they passed much cash to Jagex. They sure as hell aren't buying spins and runecoins to sell to others in game. OK, then they're selling "wealth". Their sole purpose is to allow people to buy an item to sell to another player who has enough in-game wealth to spare for membership, RuneCoins, spins, etc. No one buys them (for $) for the membership, RuneCoins, and spins (again, because they'd be getting 1/2 the product/service for their dollar). Technically it's 80% the value if you don't look at the bulk purchase bonuses but I get your point. In fact this will present a problem sooner or later as people with gp to sell for membership, spins or coins (let me abbreviate that M,S&C) will soon not give a crap about getting more M,S&C. I don't know the legality of it, but Jagex may create a method to let bonds be converted to store credit with a partner company like Amazon. Player A buys a bond for $5 from Jagex. Player A sells bond to Player B for 8m gp. Player B converts it to $4 in Amazon credit. Jagex profits $1 per bond. Now players that just want money for their gp have a vehicle to do it legally within the game. Again, this may be completely illegal depending on international trade laws and British law specifically. Would various companies (two that I know of) being almost entirely sold out of stock be a good enough indicator? I can tell you, they're (those two at least) doing fine. If they're selling out of their stock, why aren't they raising their prices? That's basic supply and demand there. Still it sounds like they're doing good contrary to what Jagex is claiming. Now if they're the exception and not the rule then Jagex's statement is fine. Thanks for giving me the idea about Amazon store credit though. I'm sure I'm not the first to think about it, but it's a new thought to me.
  8. If it's a fact, you can't say little to no risk. Either risk is present or it's not. If it's present, saying it's little risk does not put it in perspective. I'm sure these companies that don't give a crap about Jagex's policies are all above board when it comes to credit card and trade laws so long as a profit is to be made. However, what happens when these guys close up shop once Runescape dies (any day now according to some) and still have that CC info on file? I'm sure none of them will ever consider making use of that info. If you're stupid enough to put your CC details into a RWT site without paypal, google wallet etc. as a middleman, you're probably going to end up a victim of CC fraud at some point anyway. And I believe that Stev is saying the same thing I've been saying: illegal rwt is the same as jagex rwt, unless you view the rules as some divine guidance set forth by the almighty Gower brothers to guide us to a life of morality and justice. So, are you disagreeing with Stev's statement that buying gp comes at little to no risk? I'm not the one claiming it's safe, he is. Also, unless I'm reading Stev wrong he finds Jagex offering a method for players to sell gold to each other via spins, membership or runecoins to be more abhorrent and game breaking than the honest, hard working gold sellers on the other sites. I always found membership to be a form of real world trading and had no problem with it (others did). I understand that real life will offer advantage in game such as having loads of free time to play (others do not believe this). I do see a clear distinction in the RWT Jagex offers and what offsites offers though. The offsites damn near ruin the game experience in the use of gathering bots.
  9. If it's a fact, you can't say little to no risk. Either risk is present or it's not. If it's present, saying it's little risk does not put it in perspective. I'm sure these companies that don't give a crap about Jagex's policies are all above board when it comes to credit card and trade laws so long as a profit is to be made. However, what happens when these guys close up shop once Runescape dies (any day now according to some) and still have that CC info on file? I'm sure none of them will ever consider making use of that info. Here's what I don't get Stev. You sound like buying gold is just fine, unless it's through a mechanism that Jagex sets up. Trust ALL the anonymous gold selling sites, but don't trust Jagex. Thing is, Jagex set up a mechanism for gold sellers over 10 years ago when it created RuneScape and gave the ability to trade. Jagex just introduced another method of trade and now you act like they're going crazy. By the way, Jagex is not selling gold. Jagex is just selling membership, spins and runecoins like they have for months and years now. It's just now in a method to trade that membership, spin or runecoin to others as you see fit. Yeah, the primary purpose for someone buying bonds for $5 will be to sell to another player for ingame gp as their own numbers seem to show. If nobody wants membership, spins or runecoins then the bonds don't sell. Now, it's BS when Jagex claims this is not RWT cause that's exactly what it is. However, it is not gold selling like you're trying to equate. Since you seem to have the inside track on numbers, how are all the sales from the gold selling sites? You claim the prices are stable (easy data to get) but has the volume of sales increased or decreased? That'd be real info into if this experiment (money grab) by Jagex is actually working.
  10. Or maybe the 200m's could start off at the same point but not have it have anything to do with exp. Like comp cape and comp trim stuff. This would have worked and worked great if Jagex didn't (in hindsight) screw up in the Dev Blog by saying that Prestige would be supplanting the High Scores. People would have fallen over themselves to back this idea as a new race of sorts just like people did when Player Owned Ports hit. What's that, everyone with a 99 in a race to get 99 again (and again) in a long term contest? People would have done it. First, put the Prestige Hiscores under the Community tab. Then about 3 months later (or longer depending on player adoption), oh so nonchalantly, merge Prestige Hiscores with the XP Hiscores with XP HS as a secondary selection. Prestige becomes the default high scores. It would have worked fine then. Jagex releases prestige, thousands of 99's race for first in each skill and overall, Jagex gauge player interest (and plug a few holes), then they make it the default high scores as by then it seems a natural replacement. Jagex had two choices. Either allow xp rollover of some sort which would have increased acceptance of Prestige replacing the Hiscores or do like the above with no xp rollover and subtly replace it over time.
  11. You do realize that the tax is a gold sink. Of course prices will change early on to accommodate the tax, but that doesn't stop gp from leaving the game via the tax. GP leaves then GP becomes more valuable. GP becomes more valuable, it buys more stuff. Supply and demand there. Last two times gp had a huge spike in value was during Construction and Summoning thanks to needing to buy planks and spirit shards. A ge tax would create a modest but consistent funnel of gp. In addition, while its modest for people that trade on occasion, its huge for people that bulk trade on margins.
  12. Very old suggestion that's been here since the GE was introduced. I think it's as simple as taxing the end sale based on how much it was. Less than 10k gp then no tax, 10k-100k is 1%, 100k to 1m is 2%, 1m to 10m is 3%, 10m to 100m is 4%, 100m to 1b is 5%, 1b+ is 6%. Large sales would be encouraged to be bartered while small sales will use the GE for the convenience. Speculative trading is discouraged since the margins are cut to shreds. The only reason we have the GE in the first place is because of removal of free trade. Now it's just being abused lock the stock market in the real world to profit on day trading without ever helping the economy itself. Jagex needed a GE tax for the longest time, and given the convenience of the GE people would have paid it even from the beginning (well, if not for the tiny fact that you're forced to use it due to free trade restrictions). I don't really even think the tax would need to scale as long as its a percentage. Small sales would take away smaller amounts just because they're less cash being traded anyway. Also for smaller sales it would still be worth using the g.e. because its not worth the extra 5-10% to go find a buyer most of the time. It's my liberal attitude shining through, sorry. I don't think that there's a need to tax something that's beneficial to society. In this case, I think small sales are great for the economy and likely from players that can afford it the least. Larger sales suggests that persons are doing well in the economy and can afford to support it via the tax. Anyway, yes, a flat tax would work just as well. The term I used is Consignment Fee as that's what the GE is doing. I can't be bothered to do the spreadsheet calculations, but I assume a 3% consignment fee on all GE trades would remove 30 billion gp on just the top bulk trades in the last months. Plus, the beauty of it is that anyone that complains gets the childish retort "Well, just trade in person and save yourself from being taxed". Childish, but legitimate.
  13. Very old suggestion that's been here since the GE was introduced. I think it's as simple as taxing the end sale based on how much it was. Less than 10k gp then no tax, 10k-100k is 1%, 100k to 1m is 2%, 1m to 10m is 3%, 10m to 100m is 4%, 100m to 1b is 5%, 1b+ is 6%. Large sales would be encouraged to be bartered while small sales will use the GE for the convenience. Speculative trading is discouraged since the margins are cut to shreds. The only reason we have the GE in the first place is because of removal of free trade. Now it's just being abused lock the stock market in the real world to profit on day trading without ever helping the economy itself. Jagex needed a GE tax for the longest time, and given the convenience of the GE people would have paid it even from the beginning (well, if not for the tiny fact that you're forced to use it due to free trade restrictions). This wouldn't work at all, because it would be inefficient to spend the time to find someone selling large amounts of an item rather than just pay the GE fee. Are you sure you wrote the reply correctly? You basically gave the reason why it would work for its intended purpose.
  14. Very old suggestion that's been here since the GE was introduced. I think it's as simple as taxing the end sale based on how much it was. Less than 10k gp then no tax, 10k-100k is 1%, 100k to 1m is 2%, 1m to 10m is 3%, 10m to 100m is 4%, 100m to 1b is 5%, 1b+ is 6%. Large sales would be encouraged to be bartered while small sales will use the GE for the convenience. Speculative trading is discouraged since the margins are cut to shreds. The only reason we have the GE in the first place is because of removal of free trade. Now it's just being abused lock the stock market in the real world to profit on day trading without ever helping the economy itself. Jagex needed a GE tax for the longest time, and given the convenience of the GE people would have paid it even from the beginning (well, if not for the tiny fact that you're forced to use it due to free trade restrictions).
  15. Probably the guys that creat, design or program the game are no where near max either. People that design cars aren't the ones that necessarily ends up racing them in competition. Having an opinion on gameplay mechanics is not tied to the character people use in the game. Likewise investing 2000 hours into gameplay doesn't mean you know how to make the game enjoyable for the thousands of others that are playing. I'll agree that Jagex needs to listen to the opinions of active high level players (which includes a number of factors such as players with 200m in one stat, 99 in all, total xp above 1 billion, etc.). However, they shouldn't ignore or discourage good advice and opinions from those that are also active in the game at different levels. I'm no where near maxed, but I'll offer my opinion on what I think can make an enjoyable experience for a larger number of people besides myself. Just above I showed they can just use the prestige system they suggested and use it as a method to remove the level 99 and 200m xp cap in regards to player's total ranking both in individual skills and overall ranking. I don't like it as I enjoyed the idea of players redoing low level events, but there you go. Sometimes an opinion won't mesh with the majority. Anyway, with 25k votes and 60-40 against Prestige won't be implemented in its current suggested state. They'll look at it and change it. Hope it's to something good that works for most.
  16. There is another option that takes the prestige concept by removing the xp cap, but you level like normal. When a player gets 99 (except for dungeoneering), it prestiges automatically. Prestige 0 would require same amount of xp as level 99 to 100, Prestige 1 the same as level 100 to 101, etc. Dungeoneering automatically prestiges at 120 but starts at prestige 20. At Prestige 50, all prestige past that costs 200m XP each. There's also a Prestige all counter. This counts when players prestige all skills to the same level. For the high scores table, the overall high scores ranks Prestige All, then Total Presige, then Total Skill and finally Total XP to determine player ranking. In each skill its similar. When implemented, all xp rolls over automatically. Boom, no level caps for player ranking. Replicates removing the xp cap without putting extra skill levels in the game. Player rankings are almost exactly the same with exception of total ranking since those that maxed agility will likely be on the top. Downside: low level content is never seen again by a player. Look at the above. It's basically what Prestige was trying to do originally (minus using xp rollover). You lose out on making players reuse low level content making high end content stay expensive. On the other hand, you remove this 200m xp goal post which has hurt the game more than the 99 skill capes did.
  17. Sorry, 99 is not the top. Didn't you get the memo? People level past 99 all over the place and it's mandatory to do so if you want to increase your player ranking on the high score board. If you say that doesn't matter, then why complain about Prestige because all it does is change how players are ranked on the high scores board. There's no ingame benefit and in fact its more a detriment. A lot of the (mostly legit) moaning about Prestige comes from people saying that not taking into account experience past level 99. Anything else that says players feel compelled to do it just means Jagex is doing it right. Without a target it now becomes a race against other players. Do you think you can beat SUOMI? Then start leveling everything. Want that top 25 spot in Agility, start running the courses. No endgame bs, just player versus player ranking without the game mechanics limiting the goal line. Plus, Everto above you claimed only 200 people would care about this. Haleluya, cheese and rice! You mean there won't be this insane leveling to 200m anymore then mission accomplished. Of course he's wrong and thousands will level Prestige because now they all have a chance to be a top spot over those that abandoned a particular skill after 200m. Those in the overall ranking also will start leveling all skills spreading out the love and probably alleviating the stress on expensive skills since they also have to go back to the easy skills if they want their overall rank to continue increasing. Ultimately, I hope they do implement Prestige with a smart rollover system early on (maybe first 3 month) and make all instant xp become bonus xp instead (warbands and sinkhole being worst offenders). What'll happen is every skill turns into what players experienced recently with Divination, the feeling of starting a new skill. Plus, Dungeoneering will be the early bottleneck since you'll need 200m each prestige level. Even with a 100% rollover, Dng will still be Prestige 1 while others are at Prestige 5. There'd be a mad rush of dungeoneering to be sure.
  18. Cooking has 630 accounts maxed at 200M and that's growing. Now, I don't know who Matt258 happens to be, but I get the feeling he's not leveling cooking anymore than the other 630 but he gets to be at the top because he happened to get there first a few years ago. At the time it was cool and I even remember the conversation with Jmods about the ranking since at the time every new 200M replaced the old one so Jagex altered the high score tables to compensate (first place was always first place). However it's been 7 years and there may be people that would have been willing to cook more that should rank higher. I'm for a change to this status quo because hyper skilling to is a part of the RS culture. Right now the only two options being offered up in regards to Prestige is either every xp above 13M is lost (Jagex's current plan) or every xp above 13M is counted (most the players giving feedback). One ignores all the time and effort put into each skill above 99. The other rewards players that got a majority of their xp from high level content while those that follow will have to level using low level content for half of their xp in some cases. I think its reasonable if they use prestige system to allow 50% of excess xp to be used in the new format. It assumes that most of that xp is coming from high level content that the player would have used anyway. It also accounts for the half of the xp that you'd have to earn at lower levels. This is not perfect since not all skills are created equal but it seems like a reasonable compromise. Part of me thinks that Jagex wouldn't want to do this since it puts S U O M I in first place who'll stay there for a long time and there seems to be a falling out between them. However, it really shakes up all of the high score boards including the overall board. Those 630 names with 200M in cooking now become tied at Prestige 3, Level 93. Odds are those guys sitting at #600 might be thinking about cooking a rocktail or two to bump up to the number one slot. Same will go with all the other skills where guys were not on the 1st page of high scores. Also, in the total high scores, those players that have skills that aren't Prestige 3 will find themselves dropped below those that have less total xp but more even skill xp. They'll feel the desire to level their lower skills now instead of pushing for 200M on a skill that's not getting them ranked. All of this is much better than the uproar of having 187M xp essentially wiped from your character. So yeah, I hope it comes about but as a compromise and not an either/or.
  19. That would be viewed as a lot of wasted development time. In addition, it would fragment the players early which is the exact opposite of what a good PvP solution needs to do. You need more people in a PvP area, not less spread out over multiple servers. Unless you know the way to get all PvP and PvM into the wilderness and keep them there with the best update ever, then I don't see it that way. Jagex makes changes to the combat system or wilderness, tweaks it slowly but for the most part leaves it as they made it, then stares at wonder at the slow exodus of PvP. They're going for the super idea that pleases the most and it just isn't working. Instead, create some PvP/Wilderness test platforms on a few servers and watch how the players react. If more players seem to partake the server that has a bounty system, Jagex can lean in that direction. If more players like the free for all set-up vice wilderness levels, aim to toward that. On those worlds not catered to PvP or test platforms, Jagex can bring back the revenants modified to work better with EOC even though you can still attack other players in the wild. Basically, stop trying to second guess what makes a good Wilderness. Most of us don't really know outside of our limited sphere of experience. Instead, let the masses decide with their actions. Jagex can track it and adjust accordingly.
  20. I just thought about something: going from 92-99 will account for 50% of all xp gained and that normally is what you have for high level content. Why doesn't Jagex just compromise with those that want a roll-over and for the first three months let excess xp count for only 50% each prestige reset. Example (I rounded up, so the numbers will be slightly off): Player's Agility is Prestige 0, Level 99 (required 13M xp) with 200M XP. Player prestiges it so his excess 187M xp becomes 94M xp for Prestige 1. Player now has Agility of Prestige 1, Level 99 (required 26M xp) with 94M xp. Player prestiges again so the excess 68M becomes 34M xp. Player now has Agility of Prestige 2, Level 98 (required 33M xp) and just 5M xp shy of 99 for his next Prestige. It gives an easy grace period of gaming the system (still leveling at high levels). Rewards those that leveled a skill prior to a change. The high score boards aren't shifted as drastically at first. Yet, due to the stricter xp penalties (128 million xp), nobody has an enormous lead.
  21. About spins: Treat mediums lamps as if they're two lamps and large lamps like they're four. Likewise for cashbags mediums are like 10 small cashbags and large are like 100 small cash bags. With that, for every 100 spins you can expect the equivalent of 66 small cash bags, 18.6 prismatic lamps and 25.5 skill specific lamps. On top of that will be the prismatic and skill pendants which I don't have enough data to determine chances. You're definitely not buying your way to success easily with that method. About prestige: I don't know why Jagex is putting this to a vote. Like everything else, they should just do it and get it over with. I'm in the positive column as I never liked total XP being used to ranked maxed out players. This idea is even better because people that want to be in the top 1,000 will need to start leveling all their skills after each prestige block. People will love the race like they did with Divination's impact on player ranking which was part of the fun in seeing that new skill (and seeing Zezima in the top 3 spots). As helring mentions, this will keep a steady flow of skillers in all the areas even though the top areas will still be concentrated as that's where most of the XP is located. If nothing else, this can force Jagex's hand to make skills have a smoother leveling curve throughout the path to 99. After dungeoneering, divination is the best example of this smooth progress. If players make it a habit of prestiging, they'll make a fit if the path to 99 is not smooth.
  22. Just create different types of Wilderness PvP, release them over time on different servers and see which ones win out with the players. 1. Bounty system - Players that want to PvP must pay a fee based on their current combat level to be able to attack players in the wilderness. If you don't pay, you can't attack but you can still be attacked and killed. Your killer gets 90% of this fee on your death. Another option is a higher fee extends your ability to attack higher up into the wilderness. People with bounty activated appear differently on the radar. 2. Timeout system - Safe PvP in the wilderness, but if you're killed you can't attack other players for 5 minutes. You'll still be able to enter and get attacked during that time though. 3. Mixture of #1 and #2 in that players only lose the bounty, being killed gives a reattack timeout. The bounty can be modified to limit your inventory of weapons so if you pay more you can wield more. 4. Target locators - Paying a fee, your radar shows people you're able to attack that are risking a minimum amount of wealth. Higher fees can extend the radar coverage (maybe even with arrows). 5. Multiway combat only etc, etc, etc. Jagex has the servers. Offer up choices and let the best idea win out.
  23. I made a detail suggestion about this one time. People flipped their lids saying it would crash pop armor even when I showed them the math that it still cost the same in voyage time. My thought was repair kits for both scrimshaws and armor would use less trade goods but more port resources (something like 1 chi, 1k steel, 1k jade, 1k cherrywood for a range repair kit). Like you said, a repair kits fixes 10% (20% on superior) but you'd need 1 kit for helmet, 2 for legs and 3 for the chest. So, to fully repair a suit you'd pay 60 chi and 60k of steel, jaid and cherrywood. Easier than collecting 160 chi, but one assumes that repair kits makes pop armor more in demand. If its too easy, just make a repair kit cost 2 chi plus resources or just 3 chi for an even approach. Just got back into doing ports again, so this is interesting to me.
  24. First, I really like this idea. I never liked that the high scores were determined by total xp once all 99's were reached. I wasn't the only one asking for high scores to not have level caps ie each skill goes up to 126 for determining rank. That rewarded those that leveled their skills evenly instead of going for 200 mill on easy skills. The prestige method is even better in that you know people are going to be rushing to get as many prestige skills as possible to 30 for the coveted number one spot. That means it will be changing rankings on a daily basis for quite some time. Plus, there's no end point that says "get here and you'll be number 1 forever", which means those in the top spot either keep at it or they will be passed by. Second, I see three major problems that they can easily fix. 1. Prayer is a problem in that unlike all the other skills, prayer lets you level off high level item such as frost dragon bones starting at level 1. The easy fix is implement level requirements to use bones on prestiged prayer in addition to slightly higher requirements to use ectofunctus, bonecrusher or altars. 2. Combat xp would mean people will prestige one part of the skill leaving the others in place to simplify advancement. The solutions is simply make that to gain prestige xp all the skills getting the xp from the kill must be prestiged. Yeah, a person can just prestige hp and str leaving atk and def alone (meaning awesome armor and weapons), but that's a fair trade off. Much better than saying someone will need to reset all combat skills which opens up what about summoning and prayer. 3. Instant XP such as penguins, lamps, dungeon coins, agility tickets, quest rewards, etc will be abused to bypass the early prestige levels by getting the items with their 99 levels. Easiest solution is ALL instant xp for prestiged skills becomes bonus xp instead. That also means that things like lamps and penguins that are level based give xp based on having a 99 which is your actual level anyway. Again, I like the idea and I think it'll help reduce this insane notion of having to have 200 mill. Instead, people that are high score leaders are ones that are leveling all skills which at least balances the game again. Guys like me can just profit off the whole race as usual.
  25. Been running a poll on the RSOF [qfc]345-346-230-65166061[/qfc] asking how much gp players would pay for 1 month of membership. Not too much noise and the results seem centered around 15 million gp. I would ignore the 500 mill and the 666 trill for obvious reasons. The other votes seem legitimate though about three voiced their opinion that if it involved bonds then they'd still opt out. The none votes seem odd to me considering there are quite a few aspects of the game now that require payment of gp such as armor repair and construction however I included them. Results as of 39 votes None - 6 5 mill - 4 10 mill - 6 15 mill - 12 20 mill - 2 25 mill - 1 30 mill - 4 50 mill - 1 100 mill - 1 500 mill - 1 666 tril - 1
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