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Poison vs Demiros


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Poison -VS- Demoro's


Round 1:


30 Min CWRI -


Classic Map (Centre Bounds)

All styles

North attacks

DG on

Corr off

Sniping off



Round 2:


Matched ops -


Classic Map (Centre Bounds)

All styles

North attacks

DG on

Corr off

Sniping off



I set up a fight with an official from Demoro's since I saw a couple of topics on RSC. I asked them for a CWRI and matched and we set up the rules above for Thursday at 10pm GMT.


The fight started with our main callers leading, but due to a bit of a numerical advantage and great styles and tanking, we were shortly in control of the fight, and then let our back up leaders take it.


Round 1 starting:




Round 1 ending:




With round 2 being a matched fight, we wanted to take it more seriously so we went in with a serious game face. I wasn't making noises like a seal, honest.


Round 2 starting:



Round 2 ending:



Fight was as clean as you can ask for, big thanks to Demoro's hope we do it again sometime.




Hi Toke



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