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Poison vs Hell Army - PKRI

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A few days ago we got a fight set up with Hell Army for a hour cap with dg and cor on. HA decided to stall a good 15 minutes before we started and dd'd at spiders. Pretty much we controlled the fight from the start, HA was regrouping out of bounds but we continued to pile them till either they logged out or till the cap.

Poison Starting: 87 Opts

Hell Army 75~ opts (?) [18:24] <Ze_> plz state that we started with 25 and ended with 23 L - Ze_ is ~yhukdb@Swift-D10ADD32.dsl.telepac.pt

Full Ending: 102 opts
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HA logged.

Thanks for the fight HA.

[18:19] <Venomous> your done right?
[18:20] <monstrozoide> yes Venomous thanks for the fight, and sorry for our numbers :S
[18:20] <monstrozoide> bad luck on us :S
[18:20] <monstrozoide> !voice
[18:20] * BanHammer sets mode: +v monstrozoide
[18:33] * +monstrozoide (~monstrozo@Swift-29A510BD.netvisao.pt)

Pictures of the fight:

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good job :thumbup:

Sigma NU

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Good job poison

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