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The DGSweeper - The Most Popular Dungeoneering Utility!


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Dungeoneering Redefined


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  • The DGSweeper is a dungeoneering tool designed by @Stev to redefine your dungeoneering experience. What began as a small project from a close friend, Andy (Cheeesy), quickly turned into over a year and a half of reshaping the way dungeoneering is played.

  • Dungeoneering takes concentration and focus to train efficiently. Let the DGSweeper take some of that load, allowing you to focus more on more important aspects of the floor. Trust me, you won't regret it!

  • Inspired by the great and talented dungeoneering clan,
DGS, created and maintained by XP-Waste, and hosted by Tip.It, DGSweeper is by far the ultimate, and most popular, dungeoneering utility!

  • [spoiler=History of the DGSweeper]
    • This utility's roots go back to early 2011. A great friend, Andy, asked me for a simple script which would overlay the RuneScape applet and allow you to place skill icons on a grid. Keep in mind that at this time a 30 minute floor was extraordinary. And thus, DGSweeper was born.

  • The tool was developed and released for XP-Waste. The community loved it and was eager to provide feedback and suggestions. The most common suggestion was to remove skill icons and replace them with keys. This was the suggestion that shaped the DGSweeper and changed dungeoneering forever.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]unled1ahg.jpg

  • From there it grew. Andy suggested that I move the DGSweeper to the top left of the RuneScape applet. At this point the DGSweeper didn't yet capture the map. However, as per request from XP-Waste, I designed a script that would simply capture a player's map and display it in the top left.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]examplepw.jpg

  • It was the very next post after its release where Brainymidget asked:

Are you going to incorporate this with the keying script next?

  • And so, on July 27, 2011, I released the DGSweeper that everyone uses today to XP-Waste.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]unled2qn.jpg

  • Even though it was scripted for the DGS clan, the DGSweeper started to grow massively in popularity. I started browsing DGS' forums and noticed a thread which taught people how to download and use a small timer utility for their floors. I then designed the timer feature. This would be the one and only feature I came up with on my own.

  • It was later that members of DGS requested a legend utility. I thought this idea was fantastic and got to work. Unlike the one which exists today, players had to be added manually. This clearly became a bigger hassle then it was worth, and so the very next day I released an update which captured the legend automatically.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]screenshot2iw.png

  • Anyone who's planning on dungeoneering more efficiently needs to learn some map reading skills. This doesn't only mean where doors are opening, where paths are headed, and where players are. They need to learn prediction and strategy. And so I was asked that the DGSweeper be updated to save the map images to files so that one can study them later. On December 23, 2011, this feature was added.

  • The very next update, taking place on December 27, 2011, I added a simple update which allowed me to keep track of download numbers. Since then, the DGSweeper is rapidly closing in on 100,000 downloads! It was around this point that I was beginning to exceed my traffic limit to the point I was actually occasionally shut down for days at a time!

  • Not much changed from then until March of 2012, with exception to bug fixes and slightly altering the design and layout. It was March 1 when I released the DGSweeper design that we still use today! Soon after, March 12 to be exact, it was requested to add a level boost feature. Not knowing the dungeoneering potions myself, I decided it'd be a handy tool and got to work. No more then a week and a half later, I released the potion feature.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]78094613.jpg

  • It was this very same day that DGConnect was seeded, suggested originally by Thai guy as a joke. With limited resources, I had a fair bit of trouble. I had no access to servers which allowed custom PHP scripts or database access. However, while discussing possible solutions in Skype, @MageUK had written the PHP script in 7 minutes which still controls the entirety of DGConnect, and even went out of his way to host it! On March 29, 2012, this feature was released to the public. However, only placed keys were shared, as we didn't have the ability to share map images at that point.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]62481538.jpg

  • Not long after DGConnect was released, Jagerblue suggested the key belt. Jagex had released their own key belt, but it was not accessible or visible unless standing still and out of combat. It was that very same day, April 11, 2012, that I released the key belt.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]pouch.jpg

  • March 19, 2012, the DGSweeper managed to hit 50,000 downloads. By this point, my host was shutting me down roughly every three to five days for going well over what I was allowed. Shortly after, @MageUK and I, for the first time, sent a map over DGConnect.

  • At some point in my discussions with @MageUK and @tripsis the idea was brought forward that Tip.It host the DGSweeper. They were already hosting the scripts and database for DGConnect and I was getting shut down regularly. It was the perfect idea come at the perfect time.

  • Shortly after our discussions, I got tired of the standard legend. I was currently developing functions for other tasks which had the capability to search patterns, symbols, and text on screen. And so, on July 03, 2012, I released a complete rewrite of DGSweeper which displayed party members' names directly on the map. This was the biggest update I had ever done.

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]largepj.jpg

  • Soon after, on July 25, 2012, Y U NO GATE made the great suggestion of a riddle hotstring. Since the DGSweeper also caters to beginners, this was a great idea. People who hadn't memorized the 18 riddles could now simply search for the answer directly in their RuneScape applet!

  • [spoiler=Screenshot]74447056.jpg

  • After over a year and a half of great history, the members of DGS, the community of XP-Waste, and the great staff of Tip.It have helped me design the most popular dungeoneering utility to date!




  • The great thing about the DGSweeper is its many features. This utility was designed around the ideas of the users, and it would not be where it is today without the valuable input, support, and ideas of the community. Therefore, if you can think of anything that the DGSweeper could use that it currently lacks, then suggest it!

    • DGConnect

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgconnect_window.gif

    • The DGConnect is an amazing feature which brings dungeoneers closer together; greatly increasing the influence of teamwork during a floor. Each action of a player aiding his fellow party members.

    • This feature provides a safe and secure way for party members to connect to one another; sharing placed keys, maps, and player positions! Each time a key is placed or a map is opened, the changed is shared and the DGSweepers of the entire team are updated!

Learn more • [anchorlink=returntotop]Return to top[/anchorlink]

    • Key

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_key.png

    • The key utility is a great tool for both new and experienced dungeoneers. Whether your speeding through a floor for the fastest times or relaxing through some floors with some friends, the key utility helps you remember the locations of the key doors.

    • This utility allows you to place key icons directly onto your map. So when you enter a room and see that the next door requires a key that your team's not yet acquired, mark it down! To help you with this, if you type the abbreviation of a key directly into RuneScape, the key utility will automatically select it!

    • Alongside this ability is one very similar; the key belt. Located directly under the colors of the key utility, you can store a list of keys you need to remember. What doors did you have gated again?

Learn more • [anchorlink=returntotop]Return to top[/anchorlink]

    • Legend

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_legend.png

    • The legend is possibly one of the most important features of the DGSweeper. Afterall, what's more important then always knowing instantly the locations of your fellow party members?

    • This tool instantly captures the party details and labels all the players on the map. No one has time to open their map and hover their cursor over each marker to see who is what color. The DGSweeper makes this problem a thing of the past.

Learn more • [anchorlink=returntotop]Return to top[/anchorlink]

    • Map

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_map.png

    • The map is the feature from which the entire DGSweeper was created. There is no more useful feature, and definitely no other tool available which can compare to the DGSweeper's map.

    • While dungeoneering, the DGSweeper is automatically scanning the area which should contain a player's dungeoneering map. When it's decided that a map is present, it snapshots it and displays it on it's map utility. Even if a player flashes the map open for a split second during a guardian room, the DGSweeper will capture it!

    • As if this weren't good enough, the DGSweeper also saves the map, legend included, so that you can review your floors later!

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    • Potion

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_potion.png

    • A lot of other tools and websites available can tell a player which level he can boost a skill to with its respective potion. This is great, however, if a player came to a door which he couldn't boost to, they'd have to check the other party members one by one.

    • The DGSweeper is quite the opposite. If a player comes to a door which he hasn't got the level to open, he can ask the DGSweeper what the minimum levels required with each potion are to open that door. Instead of searching players one by one, he can see the minimum level needed and ask his team if they've got it. The best part? You can do all this without even needing to alt-tab!

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    • Riddle

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_riddle.png

    • With so many things to remember in dungeoneering, one can't hope to memorize everything. For those who've not yet memorized the riddles given by the Enigmatic Hoardstalker, the DGSweeper solves riddles with great ease.

    • If you find yourself unable to solve a riddle, you no longer need to leave your RuneScape applet to search! Much like the potion hotstring, the DGSweeper detects and recognizes specific commands typed directly into RuneScape!

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    • Timer

    • [spoiler=Screenshot]dgsweeper_timer.png

    • For fast experience in dungoneering, a player must be fast and efficient in completing floors. Therefore, the time taken to complete a dungeon is extremely important to many dungeoneers. Some players download timers or find other methods of timing their dungeons. Those who use the DGSweeper have no such need.

    • The DGSweeper has a small and compact timer located directly under the legend. This can be started and stoped manually by clicking it. However, the great thing about the built in timer is that it starts automatically. The moment you first open your map in a dungeon, the timer begins to tick! No hands!

Learn more • [anchorlink=returntotop]Return to top[/anchorlink]



Properties and Settings

  • The DGSweeper comes with a wide variety of customizable settings, properties, and hotkeys*. This allows a player to set up and experience DGSweeper the way they want to. Screen sizes differ, as do display modes and other settings. For this reason, a player can alter the size, transparency, and enabled/shown features of the DGSweeper.

  • * - Customizable hotkeys are temporarily disabled.

Learn more • [anchorlink=returntotop]Return to top[/anchorlink]




  • A great part of this utility is that it's always changing. It's always kept up to date and working with each RuneScape update. With frequent updates to implement ideas, suggestions, and bug fixes, the DGSweeper has a built in automatic updater. If an update is available, you'll be notified when the program is launched. It is strongly recommended that you update as soon as one is available, as the resources have most likely changed. You can do so by right clicking the tray icon.

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Special Thanks

  • Initially, DGSweeper was inspired and created for my great friends in DGS. Their endless hours helping me test and suggesting ideas helped shape the DGSweeper more then I could have imagined. If you want to learn all of the ins and outs of dungeoneering and think you've got what it takes to become the best of the best, don't hesitate to give them a visit!

  • The entire XP-Waste community played a key role maintaining the DGSweeper. From their endless error reports to their incredibly reliable feedback, The DGSweeper exists today because of them.

  • @MageUK was one of the biggest helping hands in getting DGConnect off the ground. When it was in development, he eagerly offered his help and resources. Since then, he's sacrificed countless hours of his time to help me in getting features functioning properly.

  • The Tip.It staff, from crew to moderators to administrators, were all willing to lend a helping hand whenever I needed. Their willingness to host and support this tool has helped immensely! Thanks!

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