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  1. Skill Light was the first to 99 Cooking today!
  2. Well, this sure as hell wasn't easy, but... Furst! [hide=Level Picture][/hide]
  3. See, that's what I have a problem with. It doesn't add danger by any means. It adds inconvenience. Say I'm skilling - mining to be more exact. Someone who I'm competing with decides to kill me for hours straight (as has happened). There's no danger, just wasted time. I'm not losing anything when I die. If I'm banking the ore, no one cares that I've lost a whopping 10 ore before he's killed me again. I'm losing the few seconds/minutes spent travelling back, which is often a single click. I know DarkScape give the impression, "You could be attacked and killed at any time by anyone! The risks are high! Etc etc etc..." However, in reality, it's, "You're most likely only risking 500gp in resources you've managed to gather before a 1 itemer comes to PK you for no personal gain of their own apart from the satisfaction being a prick and wasting someone's time!"
  4. Actually, I'd imagine that anyone admitting to any sort of power levelling has just put a giant target on their backs... Can confirm this is true. When I told someone I was racing to be the first 99 in the same skill as he, I got camped for hooouuurs.
  5. First 99s: Cooking - Skill Light Divination - Ninjastrike6 * Fletching - Oak or Dice Magic - RS Jesus Runecrafting - haga kure Woodcutting - o EiDoS o (Das me!) Strength - IceJJFish Thieving - JackLuminous * - Bug abused/reverted.
  6. Lol, RS3 is crap nerd. OSR DS for lyfe! No but seriously, the game's actually kinda fun. The mechanics of teleporting and low/med/high risk was a pain at first, but I prefer it now. Adds a twist.
  7. He shall replace me as I ascend into godhood. ;).
  8. Is something like this what you had in mind?
  9. If I'm misunderstanding, please correct me. I can add a tooltip to the stats, so that when you hover your mouse over them it'll show the quest. To give you an idea of a tooltip, hover your mouse over any quest, item or monster link on our page. Would that work?
  10. So it's taken long enough, but after playing for 10+ years, finally got a hellcat.
  11. I feel like that header image could be positioned better. Hehe, JK mate. Hopefully this will encourage feed back on updates, even the small ones, that we do!
  12. Cheers, mate! I'd like to put @Arceus in the spotlight. On top of exceeding expectations with his duties as Deputy Crew Leader, he's continued to pump out calculator updates and other content. Add that to the new Junior Crewbie team, continued help from our dedicated Crewbies and Seniors, Tip.It's got a bright future ahead of it! Thanks again for the feedback! Always good to see - and you made a few people's day. :).
  13. I handle the calculators. Well, not the old ones, I build the new ones. Most old calculator (such as skill calculators/planners) updates can be credited to Arceus. Now that we're introduced... If it were... In PHP? Wut? Instead of making the calculations instantaneously through JS, have it open a connection (with JS?), send a request, wait for a response, and then continue from there? Or do you mean you input values, submit, and then wait for a new page load? The old calculators are far from optimized, but they still calculate almost instantaneously. How else would you build a responsive page/calculator without JS? jQuery is JS. Several of our new calcs, like the Alchemy Calculator, use it. Several of the new calcs have the ability to update themselves. Our old calculators, if adding items, are very easy. Arceus will tell you that. It's only when adding skill specific bonuses (portables, etc) that it requires any amount of time... And the only reason even that takes any amount of time is because he's taking initiative and only just starting to learn JS.
  14. I had thought they stopped responding to that address and replaced it with the ticket system :o. Out of curiosity, when was the last time you contacted them that way? They did, but it is still active. You get an e-mail in response stating that it's no longer in use.
  15. Welcome! Good luck on your 99 goals! Glad to have you - feel free to create a blog about your progress in the Blogscape forum!
  16. Yes, your link work, Arceus. Kind of funny that mods can also use it.
  17. Jagex saying Dan didn't do something makes it confirmed? Think about if he had known about (and possibly intentionally added) the glitch months ago. How bad does that look on Jagex that they've only just noticed this kind of activity? Of course they're going to say that this announcement had nothing to do with the bot/glitch and that their flawless and perfect system caught his malicious attempt before-hand... Turning a shame-Jagex into a praise-Jagex.
  18. Oh - it wasn't working when I'd click it. #top wasn't found. I see that the actual Back to top button under posts uses #ipboard_body. >.<
  19. This. Only very basic scripts weren't able to solve randoms. I think the reason you didn't see bots here or there, like red dragons, wasn't thanks to a random event - it's whether or not something is worth it to farm, whether or not the scripter has the know-how to write a bot for that method, how the scripter gets the bot from point-A to point-B, whether or not the time spent travelling + supplies is worth it, what type of botting methods are available, etc. There's a lot more methods then just injection, reflection, and color springing up that prove to be quite reliable for scripters. This allows them to write more advanced bots for more advanced farming methods. As Arceus said, they do have BotWatch, but that seems to be leaps behind the scripters...
  20. Your blog thread looks great! Well laid out. I fixed your Back to top. links. All they do is link to an element with a specific ID, so just grabbed the ID of your post container: [anchorlink=post_id_5554822]Back to top.[/anchorlink]Good luck!
  21. I have to say - in terms of applications, this is probably one of the best recruitment drive we've had for nearly any position. Keep them coming! Am very happy with Arceus now at the reigns, and very excited to see where this takes us!
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