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  1. If you're able to get them to work after refreshing 100x, it seems to fail to retrieve jQuery from Google. Are you not able to access these? http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.17/jquery-ui.min.js They'll just be a wall of text.
  2. You can only have one set. One way to get more then one set (using Bandos as an example) - die getting KC, boost your grave to 1 hour, and leave all your warpriest on it. Blood barrage on Legacy or Momentum Bandos KC. You'll get more warpriest and also have the set on your grave.
  3. TBH, it's looking more and more like a JavaScript issue. I know that Voyage Calculator, even the styling, seems to heavily rely on it. The Transmutation Calculator is literally entirely built from JavaScript when the page is finished loading. It has no preloaded HTML. Our guide pages use a plugin called lazyload - again, handled by JavaScript. It makes it so that your browser only loads images when they come into view. Your Chrome seems to hate the JavaScript. When one of those pages opens, press F12 and go to console. Do you see any JavaScript errors? If so, which? Sometimes this can be caused by shitty advertisements and such - not something directly cause by us (but we can fix).
  4. I sided with Armadyl, yet got full Bandos warpriest just from camping KC. Got most of the Armadyl in one trip. Saradomin was all pieces minus the helmet in one trip, but then the helmet took like 5 trips. Zammy, like Bandos, was also from KC. Maybe my drop rates are just [bleep]ed, IDK. :P.
  5. IDK if this is Specific to me, but... Ever since Jagex mentioned in the patch notes that they've adjusted the order of things done when logging out, I'm finding that closing the client without logging out is preventing my hiscores from updating. It's causing my RuneTracker records to be off and could be "abused" to get on their Top 42 or Records, if that even matters. Just thought I'd mention it - as it's somewhat relative to this thread.
  6. Is it just the Voyage Calcutator? Do the newer ones work? Ones like: Combat Calculator: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/combat_calc.htm Silverhawk Caluclator: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/silverhawkCalculator.htm Transmutation Calculator: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/divinationTransmutationCalculator.htm From your screenshot, it looks like a styling issue. @Xena_Dragon's the one who seems to maintain that particular calculator, so if it's specific to that one page, I'll prod him about it. What browser are you using?
  7. Thanks for getting to us, mate. The only thing that I can think of is something that Howlin also messaged in our chats - do you use AdBlock? I've never used it, but I'm assuming it has a white-list? If so, please try adding... http://tip.it/runescape/images/*...to it. We primarily use the following directories for our images, where * is the filename: You may not be able to use our timers and such because some of them have been updated to not use cookies, but to use localStorage. Please ensure that both are enabled for Tip.It. Were you a user of Tip.It before hand and only recently not able to use our guides and calculators? What are your JavaScript settings?
  8. IDK why it's only showing 2.3M today. I was 17.2M XP less then 24 hours ago and now I'm 21M. Yay elders.
  9. Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.

  10. The non-buyables will be the only issue. Obviously those are a very long-term goal, but buyables won't take me long. ;).
  11. We didn't budge an inch and they caved. No big surprise there. ;-P.
  12. I have more, just not on Eidos. Gonna see if I can get them all on Eidos though - Dungeoneering probably being last - since I seem to play him most. :). My Firemaking is a mixture of Elder, Magic, and Yews. Shouldn't be long. ELders will burn through my bonus XP and then some.
  13. Started with: And then: And finally: Bought supplies for Firemaking and Herblore next. Should have them "soon".
  14. They're that easy to get. Round of kiln, I had most of my combat ones apart from summoning and defense because who trains on that.
  15. You beat me by a couple hours because I was at work... Just got mine also -.- Not sure which skill to do next.
  16. Oh look! Cherry-Poo has the rainbow beam. Who here is surprised?
  17. I just bought the souls ammy and ring for 45M and 40M. Bandos in Void was fun with them. I was thinking of getting the braces, but then I'd not be able to use Void. :-(. Edit: Got another of my favorite capes. :). Think I'll also get 120 Magic on that one later tonight.
  18. So I'm house sitting for my sister. Brian, her boyfriend, asked me weeks ago if it was alright that he propose. I said yes, obviously, because I love the guy like a brother. He said he'd do it next time I watched his house. He proposed last night. While staying at the house this weekend, I see this painting by my 6 year old nephew: The same nephew that last Christmas only wanted one thing - a video card so that he could game with Deedee (me). So happy right now. Hahaha.
  19. I've heard that before and I still haven't had any issues with mine. *Knocks on wood*.
  20. I never got the impression that LizardSquad were hackers. At all. They DDoS, that's it - which any half decent skiddie can do.
  21. SC is also the leader of the HYT clan. Though, as mentioned, nothing "official".
  22. IDK how this name wasn't taken, but decided to grab it for my spare. :).
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