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  1. Damn it's like the US, you don't even have to break the rule only talking about it gets you [bleep]ed over lol'd We enforce all Jagex rules alongside our own. People boost minigames, people abuse bugs, people lie, scam, and lure - sure, discuss it. Do not instruct people how to do so. Do not claim to do so. Do not encourage others to do so. That said, the posts that were hidden not only mentioned using alts to boost minigames, but also mentioned that the poster was going to do so. On top of this, they also encouraged others to do so. I hope I've made myself clear.
  2. Turns out I was right - It required that the prayer and summoning be floored directly after being divided by two. That wasn't an issue, but proved interesting when determining what levels were needed for the next level (only because I group defensive, melee, and assisting skills). That and I'm using a damn track-pad on my girlfriend's laptop... Lol. Anyways, it should be working correctly now. I've checked with the displayname you provided and it does, indeed, result in 137. Please let me know if you have any other issues and I'll do my best to correct them. Thanks again for reporting this problem! :).
  3. Aaand there goes Tip.It. >.< I mean, *ehem*, welcome. This person you speak of sounds like a real G.
  4. Ah. I can think of what's doing it off of the top of my head. I'm on my phone at work, however, and won't be able to adjust it until I get home. I believe it is currently: ...prayer/2+summoning/2... I'm going to guess that it should be: ...Math.floor(prayer/2)+Math.floor(summoning/2)...
  5. It wasn't a log that they posted. The guy was simply complaining abuot his money mysteriously being gone and the JMod said: At x_time you right clicked your cash stack. At y_time you clicked drop. At z_time you clicked to teleport to x_place.
  6. @Yoko Kurama, I do remember that incident. The player somehow lost his cash stack and the JMod pointed out that he had dropped it and then teleported away. However, I believe A_Friend and Dardan both made videos after they'd both been refunded - Dardan who was livestreaming a Nex mass when the classic grave glitch took his items and I don't remember the situation behind A_Friend. Sure, they have more reliable logs then trusting a video - I'm just saying that a video or livestream could/would act as enough evidence for them to even consider spending the time looking into that massive list of logs.
  7. The combat calculator has been updated with a shnazzy new look. :). You can find it here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/combat_calc.htm This can also be found on our special calcs page, found here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/special_calculators.htm
  8. They've reimbursed for a very very long time now, provided that you had proof (eg. video/livestream footage) that it was a server issue. This is likely the reason that "only famous people" were, because they're often always recording or streaming while they PvM/PvP.
  9. Sorry for making yous wait so long. I had planned to finish it, but I got preoccupied with other projects and it slipped my mind. I'll get to it now. :). Edit - I have it working correctly: However, I forgot about the, "For level ... you need:" I'll have it finished tomorrow after work. :).
  10. Unless they've opened up more, I don't think Urza falls between A-H. :P.
  11. I believe his point is that he just barely made the 1000 overall level limit.
  12. What annoying issues are there? I've never had an issue.
  13. "Bond redemption will not be restricted based on level." They really could have worded that better.
  14. At first I thought they locked out lower accounts for our benefit, then I kept reading. Silly me.
  15. Taking donations for bonus XP. Can I merge your blog with the 200M in all Skills thread? Huehuehue.
  16. Work sucks. Really looking forward to getting home and starting this. :-). Have been looking forward to it a long time!
  17. The guy in the slayer helmet won't last long. ATM, he's near dead and on task. :P. The other one's a friend.
  18. Found another way to hide interfaces. Works with map, chat, ribbon and ability bar. I like this for AFKing while watching movies.
  19. If I go 400 dry, I swear to God I'll drop the signets I have and quit Ascensions. -.-
  20. Very slowly. It's not on my priority list as of now, however. I have projects and things to get taken care of for Crew, as well as have just finished the Mod recruitment drive. :(.
  21. Well, I've blown through 106.8M (310) worth of Tertius keys so far with no signets. This is terrific fun.
  22. Spending the day watching my niece. :-).
  23. That is ****ing wicked! I wonder if anyone will recognize what the symbol is relating to.
  24. I meant 303, sorry. But still just as angry. :P. I like your idea. :P.
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