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  1. Quest Center doesn't fetch my data, Don't know why...
  2. Could you please update the task center. It's really broken and it can't fetch my stats.
  3. I also think Sk is dead. Almost nothing is updated and almost everything is broken in the client.
  4. The Task Center that Swiftkit provides is very outdated. You should try to update it if it's possible!
  5. Give us Farming Timers! I'm sure moire people want this!
  6. Guys. Can you please consider this? Any replies please.
  7. But this is DGSweeper O.O... Skossan was asking if Stev can add farming timers to SwiftKit, which he can't do. I just informed Skossan about it :-P I have posted inside the Swiftkit section but the thread didn't get a single reply.
  8. Can you do us a huge favor and add Farming Timers to Swiftkit
  9. Is this tool even being worked on as of now? I have trouble with it just like many others. Could you tell us if you are working on it.
  10. Bump this. This is well needed!
  11. Skossan

    Ctrl + F1

    Si, if I press "Ctrl + F1" the runescape windows snaps out of Swiftkit so I can freely move it around. How do I get it to snap back. Ctrl+F1 is my Mute mic button for skype so I need it badly. So far I have to re install swiftkit every time I press it.
  12. Hello. I'd like to see farming timers to be added into Swiftkit. Here is a screenie of the software I'm running now. It's not the best looking not the most efficient one.
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