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Hello, most of you probably won't remember me, but I used to post here occasionally on another account called Andrew1788. More recently, I've had problems accessing my old tip.it account, so I decided it'd be easier just to make a new one, since I've got a different runescape name anyway.


Anyway, here is a history of my time on runescape:


I started playing runescape back in late 2005, and got membership in mid 2006. From there, with the occasional breaks, I played until late 2007, when I quit because of the trade limit. Around 2 and half years later, shortly after dungeoneering came out, I started playing runescape again. I later got membership again in November 2010. Since then, I've stayed subscribed and continue to play runescape with occasional breaks. My main interests in runescape include questing and pvming. I've had a quest cape ever since mid 2011 at around 109 combat. Since then, when I'm on runescape, I've usually been training slayer to get my stats up for pvm, doing any new quests when they come out, and more recently, pvming. The best drops I've gotten so far would be a double glaiven boots drop on double loot weekend, which made me 36m, and a steadfast boot drop, which sold for around 30m, both from glacors of course. Currently, I am looking forward to pvming in the new gwd once the crowds die down, and will do slayer in the meantime.


My current stats are in my sig.

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