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Temple Trekking updates/suggestions

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For the Shade event, the NPCs may give you one boost each of the three types, or may give one boost of the same type. So if you save them early and find yourself running low on prayer or HP, try talking to them and figure out if they'll boost it for you.


Ghasts, Shades, Swamp Snakes, Giant Snails, and Nail Beasts can all be safe-spotted using a ranged attack (preferably Ranged; Magic requires runes which take up inventory space, and a Halberd may cause the monsters to move from their desired spot, plus Halberds cannot be used to safe-spot Snails).

- For Ghasts and Snakes, move them to one side of the event entrance, then run back to the entrance and hide inside the "doorway". Also your companion can also be used as a safe-spotting obstacle. Snakes are extremely fast and aggressive though, so this may be difficult to perform and may be easier to just attack them head-on. http://i.imgur.com/qBXhW.jpg

- For Shades, you can shoot over grassy-rocks or low walls, or also using your companion as a safe-spot obstacle. http://i.imgur.com/sVQHg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ETcY6.jpg

- For Giant Snails, the pond in the middle of the map is your safe-spot obstacle, just shoot over it. http://i.imgur.com/PKZYR.jpg

- For Nail Beasts, the pond on the east side is your safe-spot, but it takes some manipulation because the Nail Beasts may find their way around the pond (in this case, you can use your companion to block the path). http://i.imgur.com/Pq3QY.jpg

- In all of these cases except Snakes, if your companion uses ranged or magic attacks, they can safe-spot and solo all of these events, causing them to level up very fast. Again, this takes manipulation so that the monsters are placed properly, and they don't wander off into a non safe-spot zone.


Bog - Once you've determined if a patch of bog is unsafe to step on, the option to walk onto it will disappear, so you'll never have to worry about stepping on a patch that you know is soft.

Burning Grotto - Once you've attained the Water power, click on the burning grass patches in rapid succession and your character will douse it super fast, so you don't have to wait for your character to "wind up" into the spell (like a baseball pitcher winding up into a pitch).


EDIT: Campsite/Log Bridge - I thought it was Easy-level companions that would auto chop logs for you, but the other companions can do this too, but not all of them can (I think...); the level that this feature is unlocked differs between each companion. In addition, in the Burning Grotto, the Swamp grass is actually called "Strange reeds".

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