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glacor setup


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Lik i stated in my last topic coming back from a long break forget the set up to use i will post the gear/stats i have now











only have extreme pots all melee/mage/range. gear wise full ahrims/full gando+polypore staff,sol,bandos plate,legs,fury,zerker,arcane shield,d claws cept useless on glacors?,vine whip,no chaotics which is fine because i know u mage entire time cept when the little guys pop out,also whats the order to kill the little guys again?

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This for the method and gear, only you'll be using exts with a wolper (rescroll EVERY MINUTE). SS will cover all your healing. For the glacytes kill order, attack enduring with DDS specs, one-shot unstable as it explodes, finish enduring, then kill sapping. Keep prayer as low as possible to minimise sapping's %-based prayer drain.


Sapping is killed last when not using a titan as attacking unstable after it heals is a huge time sink.

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