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  1. I'm [bleep]ing ashamed of you people. Use Virtus and Pernix. Don't bring a melee switch. Gano is NOT better than Virtus. You never need to tank ranged or melee for more than 1/2 hits in the entire kiln. EDIT: Two-styling kiln is one of the dumbest things ever. Just rapier things in Virtus.
  2. Claws ARE that incredible for PvE unless you class PvE as killing bloodvelds.
  3. The difference between leech clans and dice clans is that people are only paying 2M for a service, not 100M+ on a bet. :P. I do freak some people out when I sell though... They give me their payment of 2-3M and I plant a flower as I say good luck. They just sit there like, "Um... WTF?" You are a terrible person and I think I love you.
  4. You considering playing something with 99 str and turm/ss to be "difficult"? Nearly nothing in this game is "difficult". All pures are a matter of patience. If you think otherwise, you've probably never played real competitive games.
  5. Proper Sunfreet is quite hard given all the restrictions and such like unless you happen to be maxed in every combat stat and have all the top-end gear at you disposal. Even then it can prove tricky. I've done it using 1/2 inventory of brews with ovls, turm, melee stats around 90 and barrows armour.
  6. The only way you'll fail at Sunfreet after reading a guide is if you have 45 def. Don't waste your darts.
  7. Summoning tank. Ranged tanks are also a lot harder to play, though easier to make, due to having no SS/turm.
  8. This guy's correct. Magic def does nothing for money bosses. Magic def at Nex is only used because it coincides with high ranged bonus, which prevents excessive damage during shadow phases and provides easier lures. I'd argue the usefulness of a spectral at Sunfreet too, due to it having fairly high def and goliaths being required to fight it. The magic attack isn't threatening, as you'll only take 1 hit per landing if you play correctly.
  9. I have never seen a zerker without close to max melees. It's not exactly hard or time consuming to get there. Zerkers are the easiest pures to make and play by far.
  10. Standing in the SW alcove traps Jad in all spawns aside from the one next to you, which is no problem because you will be able to pray accordingly when he first attacks.
  11. I said lowest stats, not lowest def. Learn to read. The point was that I know how to kiln effectively and safely on low-levelled accs. Zerkers are now low-levelled.
  12. You can kill the Sunfreet with one [bleep]ing hand at 5am in the morning.
  13. Defensive stats barely matter in kiln. I consider zerkers to only be one tier lower than maxed mains without SoA. I've lost count of the amount of zerker kilns I've done at this point.
  14. And yes, I've done kiln at so many different levels at this point, I've lost track of all the different kilns I've done. The lowest stats I've done it on are 70 def, 70 atk, 85 str and mage/ranged stats around 80-85 or something. I did that using around 10 sharks. I pretty much know what I'm talking about.
  15. You can also solo Kree in mycelium webbing with black knives (p++) thank you hand-picked from monkey knife fighters.
  16. I'll stop correcting her if she stops being wrong.
  17. You realise that the LP boost affects brews, uni, rest crystal and cons crystal restoration, right? Do you also realise that magic def suffers hugely from diminishing returns? Do you also realise that absorb only functions on damage over 200, with octopus boss hitting a max of ~260? This makes a 4% absorption advantage absorb, on average, less than 1 damage per hit. As I said, you're not qualified to argue about this. Please stop. This is annoying to me. EDIT: Yak isn't even relevant. I have no idea why you mentioned that.
  18. Maging frosts is a waste of time that you are highly unlikely to derive any satisfaction from.
  19. Nobody's flaming. And you obviously are not qualified to write a guide if you think a few points in def bonus and absorb are worth more than the LP and atk boosts from V legs.
  20. That's not a logical flaw. It means "Use this shit if you have it for any reason". I've lent my gear out to plenty of lower-levelled friends.
  21. Oh, what the [bleep]. Bring all your scrolls. 100 is just dumb.
  22. Bring claws + spec rests. Trust me on this one. It's worth it for familiarisation.
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