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  1. Isn't that what a slut is? Like, literally the definition. Maybe I'm young, but I think it's gross. Lol.
  2. I think one night stands are taboo for women. Correct me if I'm wrong? I know that's a double standard, but isn't that how most people see it? And I'm not saying women shouldn't have one night stands, it's just I don't think I'd want to girlfriend a girl who does. I also don't want to have them if that helps.
  3. Yeap, this is blatantly wrong. Unless there's something wrong with them.
  4. I think the only thing tragic about clubs is people who go with this mentality. What do you mean? Your attitude is negative. You see everyone and everything about a club in a negative light. Those drunk interactions you have with people at clubs probably won't mean much now, but in a few years time when you and your friends sit down and talk about it, they sure as hell are going to mean a lot. Me and my sister used to go out a lot together in the past. The other day we went out for dinner with my parents and we started telling stories of the days we went to clubs a lot together. We laughed so much that night. I don't think me and my family have had such a good time together in 5 years. For the next few days after that everyone in the house was in a bit of a happier mood. We also met a lot of worthwhile people when we went out. People that shared different opinions than we did, with different cultural backgrounds. It's a great way to build world knowledge when you live in a place like i do. And you can't really complain about how it costs you money. Because everything in live will cost you money. That's like saying once you stop growing you're going to stop buying clothes because it costs money. You might as well just wear the same thing every day until it rips and tears and you're "forced" to buy new shit. And i don't see how going to club makes you feel like an ass the next day. Even if you drink to the point where you can't stand on your own two feet anymore. I've learned that people who do that generally don't care what people think of them or their actions, so it's kind of impossible for them to feel like an ass. Perhaps the reason you think clubs are so tragic is because of the company you keep. And i also don't understand how a girl that goes home with a guy she meets that night makes her unworthy of a relationship. Big assumptions, I have plenty, and I'm sure more than most, cool stories from drinking. But these happen at parties or pre-drinking or even just drinks with the boys. I know I'll find them funny and I know the boys (the people who I drink with) will find there's funny too. But I think undeniably a party is a better environment than a club. I also can't stress how often I used the word most. I really don't think everyone hates clubs, I have friends who enjoy smashing random sloots. I know they enjoy clubs. I just don't think most people do. And I don't think most people can pull at a club or enjoy one night stands. And so what your family was happier because you shared some stories about going to clubs? Just sounds like your family has tension and any sharing of funny stories would've done the same thing. You don't NEED to go to clubs for them. And I don't know how you meet interesting people at clubs, I know it's rare where I live, you meet them at parties. Or, well anywhere else too. There are a lot of exchange students in my university. Yeah I'm not saying you have to be frugal but the money spent in a club is money not spent elsewhere. And I'd seriously rather do anything with the money, from spending it on traveling/clothes/protein. Idk. Opportunity cost son. Nothing to do with the company, Ive been to various clubs with different groups of people, with my best friend and genuinely the funniest people I've ever met multiple times. I really like the people but I'd much rather see them outside a club setting. Which I do. I do get along with these people. Because going home with a random guy is undeniably taboo, and she's obviously easy. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not girlfriend a sloot. Everything you do says something about you, and going home with a random guy really implies poor relationship values imo. But if you don't really value sex outside of just being fun and have no problem wifing a girl who's taken 100 unique applications to her ham wallet she's all yours. I don't want her. There are other ways to enjoy yourself outside of clubs. And I'd say they're a lot better.
  5. How aggressive and forward you have to be. If he sees her often in real life and has easy access to her through facebook and text he has space to choose what he wants with her. And the way she's presented herself, he has a lot of space. Just to chip in, when you asked him if he'd already got your text, that comes of as needy and it's too much. You're suffocating the poor boy and making yourself seem desperate. I'm not saying be callous to the boy, far from it, you should never be "mean" or whatever to try and impress him, but unless he's incredibly shy/socially awkward he probably knows you're into him and aggressively going after him won't help. Be open, and if he wants you, he'll get you. imo I know that, and I really never do that except in cases where I actually would appreciate a reply and am too anxious to wait much longer. Sometimes you have to prod to get a response, but only in serious cases. I don't have any plans to prod further and I won't, because I've done it once and I don't like doing it, but with some people you've got to push and make your intentions clear. The pushing I can just about manage, the intentions clear is another story and skill which I haven't yet mastered. Sometimes if you don't push, your questions are unanswered and nothing gets done if they're too shy to speak up. It's a small sacrifice to do something you don't like doing, like prodding someone a bit, compared with just sitting there waiting for weeks and weeks for a reply which you never get. Yeah, I don't do that keep em mean to keep em keen thing, I'm always nice to people in general but that's the issue. There is never really a distinction between me liking someone and me being me because a lot of people get along with me, and I'm far too scared to single anyone out and be particularly nice to them. This is why I look like a friend to pretty much anyone, and then obviously having my opinions under the surface. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I know he likes me at least as a person, and me liking him in a different way doesn't change how I act. It may make me more nervous, or shy around him, but it doesn't change the substance to my personality that he's seen and seems to like. Moreover we communicate very well verbally, conversation is not forced and I seem to make him relax. He's easily the kind of person that if you weren't easy to talk to, he'd be quiet and not say a word and the conversation would be stunted. But it isn't like that with me, and he legitimately seems happy to see me. He just will not approach me because he's shy, and I consistently get over my shyness momentarily to say hi, and approach his group of friends and say hi to them even if I feel incredibly awkward, which I do. I'm only awkward if the person I'm with is awkward. But with me he seems at least slightly less awkward than with a lot of people around, from what I saw when I played cards with him and when he chatted to me one night. He is awkward on first observation with lots of people around or in social situations, my flatmate and friend does his course and sees him a lot in lectures. He said everything about him is awkward, his mannerisms, how he dances in the club, talks, behaves, his friends are awkward if you aren't directly in their group and approach them as a female, and even that doesn't throw me off because I like what I've seen of his personality, so while I need to strike the balance between being forward enough that he gets the message, but relaxed enough that he doesn't feel any kind of pressure or unease around me, I think leaving communication out for a while is a good step. This is partially why getting him alone would be a really nice way to get to know him a little bit more, and him to get to know me some more and talk without feeling, it's that word again... awkward. Thanks for all your opinions though. Meetup is next week as he's busy this week so I'm going to get on with some work. Not calling it a date, not yet anyway. I still don't think that asking if he's got your message is worthwhile, cause his lack of a reply is kind of something in itself, and I'm sure he might have replied later when he'd found his phone. But I guess maybe you know him better than I do. Idk. As for him being awkward, haha, some guys are socially retard. I've messed up with so many ridiculously cool women because I was mega, mega awkward. I've had things like a girl come up to me and rub my face, call me a beautiful boy and say "I'd ask mightymuddy to get lunch with me tomorrow but I don't think he'd come" and I still didn't get it. That also being said, there are a lot of girls who've chased me and I blatantly haven't been interested. Check this thread out though, boys can be stupid sometimes, haha. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=110386641 Good luck!
  6. How aggressive and forward you have to be. If he sees her often in real life and has easy access to her through facebook and text he has space to choose what he wants with her. And the way she's presented herself, he has a lot of space. Just to chip in, when you asked him if he'd already got your text, that comes of as needy and it's too much. You're suffocating the poor boy and making yourself seem desperate. I'm not saying be callous to the boy, far from it, you should never be "mean" or whatever to try and impress him, but unless he's incredibly shy/socially awkward he probably knows you're into him and aggressively going after him won't help. Be open, and if he wants you, he'll get you. imo
  7. I think the only thing tragic about clubs is people who go with this mentality. What do you mean?
  8. I disagree with this so strongly, if you need a drink to be "you" I really think you should change something. Almost by definition being drunk doesn't make you, you. I know when I drink I become more introverted and by the time I'm more confident I'm usually a complete idiot. And I think everyone was born to be confident, you may just need a little help/time. Not saying you should never drink, but I think it means there are probably something else here. People blow up the value of virginity a lot too, I think it's another one of the things people are lying to themselves about. Yeah nightclubs = clubs in this case
  9. I used to be really similar, I couldn't really speak to girls or anything when I was younger unless I was drunk. My advice, don't drink. Relying on alcohol for something so basic is a crippling weakness. And I don't think alcohol is a viable answer. Even if you do manage to sleep with a girl, what would you do after? You can't always be drunk around her and sleeping with her once doesn't solve the problem. This is a prime example why drinking is a weakness. You're relying on it for one of the simplest things in life.
  10. Not all people take drugs to relax necessarily. My housemate, for example, takes MD before going to all-night raves for exactly the opposite effect. I wouldn't have suggested that she's "reliant" on it either, baring in mind she only goes to these events twice a year; you have to be very careful about establishing a distinction between addictive drug use and recreational drug use. Feeding the body drugs like a machine in order to get you through the day... I think we can all agree that's "weak". Feeding the body drugs very occasionally for the experience of pushing the body beyond normal limits, is that really weak? Perhaps stupid from a physiological point of view, perhaps flawed from a psychological point of view, but is it fair to label people as "weak" for wanting to experience something? I'm not so sure it is. Yeah I agree that taking something once, for curiosity, isn't really weak. But even if you're not addicted to it, using it often means it has a use for you or you need it for something. And that's a weakness. It doesn't have to be a crippling addiction, just something you need for something. And I don't think these drugs help push your body past its normal limit, I think it just helps you lose part of yourself, so you can rave harder/care less, which is something you can do without taking a drug. Happiness is unachievable? Do you mind explaining? Sorry not new to this new quote system, lol.
  11. I would love for the discussion to deviate, it all seems interesting to me so by all means if you have a tangent, go on it. The video is where the idea comes from, if you look at the entire thing he says somewhere that he used to work as a bouncer or a doorman for ~10 years and how he noticed everyone in town just looked sad to him. He also says that while everyone thinks drugs are so cool, he sees it as a weakness. You need something to relax? That's pathetic. Reliance on anything is just a weakness to you. And after I heard him say this, it just clicked to me. I was pretty popular in high school and I've been to a lot of parties, but I never really had that much fun, don't get me wrong, it's been pretty good, but some of the funnest times for me have been when I've just been relaxing and playing cards or talking about whatever with people. And as soon as everyone starts drinking the conversation deteriorates and the games end. And everyone acts like drinking and going to clubs is so much better than everything else and I just don't feel it and I refuse to believe I'm the only one. The video also mentions repression of emotion as a cause for depression and I agree a lot with this too. I have friends whose new years resolutions were to act happier and stuff like that, and everyone else would agree and say something like "we're privileged youth, we have no right to be upset" and I feel so many people are just blatantly lying to themselves about their own happiness and what makes them happy. And I think one of the biggest lies, and surely one of the most common ones is how much people enjoy partying/clubbing. I feel most people just say they do because it's such a "cool" thing to do. And I really, really, don't think most people enjoy it as much as they say.
  12. Fixed. I only started going out drinking this year after my breakup with my ex boyfriend. For someone with depression and social anxiety, it was a huge step, but the people and friends I've met from it have made it all worth it. Although I still have issues I'm going through and trying to get over, going out and just relaxing with said friends help. Also it all depends on the atmosphere of which club you go to. I go to gay clubs mostly and it's usually very chilled and relaxed. If I went to somewhere that's just loud, obnoxious and filled with drunken morons: Hmm, maybe clubs are different where you're from. As far as I'm aware, here all you do is dance at a club. Not a lot of quiet conversation or anything like that. And I really feel that going to clubs to meet people is a fairly terrible idea. Only girls I've ever gotten with at clubs have been far from relationship material and I am sure there are far, far better ways of meeting people. I don't get the whole polygamy thing either.
  13. Like I said, I'm sure a lot of people genuinely do enjoy it, but doesn't it seem sad that you need to drink to talk to people? Doesn't it seem sad that you need something to relax? Why can't you do this when you're sober? Needing a drug to talk to people and relax sounds awful upsetting to me. And wouldn't hooking up with someone you know and actually like be better than just some random, probably less than reputable, person? Well said, I feel like where I'm from especially, there's so much pressure to drink. I think I'd really struggle to find many people who think drinking's lame here. And I feel most people drink because of the social pressure than because they actually enjoy it. Even people who've embarrassed themselves terribly and had their eyebrows shaved when they were sleeping or w/e drink every weekend. And maybe I worded this poorly, but here no one goes to clubs sober. I must be one of the very few people to actually have done it my friend group. If you don't mind, could you run me through what you'd do in a really fun night? I consider myself pretty introverted compared to my friends, and it seems like my friends who enjoy clubs the most are the most "alpha". The ones who lift the most and the ones who can command the most presence. I almost feel like a lot of people are "fighting" over having the most presence at clubs too. But maybe that's just me looking at it the wrong way. (And I don't just dislike clubs because I don't have presence, I am 6ft 1 and reasonably good looking) I'd love to get into the discussion about what people think makes them happy, sounds fascinating to me. Oh and would those fitness goals be gym related? If so what're your stats? Lol. If people don't mind, using Quyneax's suggestion, if they like going to clubs could they post why? What aspect do you enjoy? Meeting new people? Or just having a rave?
  14. Ahoy, So I recently watched a video about depression and I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and I've come to the conclusion most people are lying to themselves about what makes them happy. It seems to me that everyone keeps getting told that drinking and going to clubs is so cool and the best way to enjoy your youth, but when I go it just seems so tragic to me. Most of the people don't seem happy, they just look sad, like they're lying to themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some people really do enjoy going to clubs but for most people I honestly can't believe that they enjoy doing it. All going to clubs is, is: >You're drunk social interaction means less >You're not going to meet new worthwhile people >Costs you money >Feel like ass the next day Seriously, I go to town and I feel like everyone's just there to validate themselves. People I wouldn't normally talk to act like they're my friends when they see me in town so they can seem cool or whatever in front of whoever they're with and the conversation is just tragic. "Oh hey man it's been so long!!!" "What do you study brah!?!?" "Oh man that's so cool!!!!" The conversation doesn't go much past that, and it just means so little. And meeting a good girl at a club? It's like shaking the [bleep] tree and expecting an angel to fall out. What good, relationship worthy girl goes home with a stranger they've never met before? Even if they don't smash first date. Video: Agree/disagree?
  15. I supported this system, I wouldn't support anything with actual gameplay benefits. Not because I don't want to no-life, but I actually believe that would be unfair. Really? I think if you invest more time into a game you should be rewarded for it, lol. I kind of miss the days when being maxed actually a big deal and having a high level'd stat was a useful accomplishment rather than a cosmetic achievement or novelty. I'm not saying I support giving different tiers of prestige uses or whatever, I just think it's ridiculous that if someone invests 5x the amount of time as someone else that it's "unfair" that they benefit from it.
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