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needing people to join my clan


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i am the owner of a small clan that is just starting out i am sizing down on the current people in the clan as they are never on or are always starting problems within the clan my username is blupuppy89 if you see me on pm me to join the clan or under the clan tab join dogpound its the clans name


we are based on helping other clan members our we are both f2p and p2p members once we have enough p2p members we will be getting a citadel or as some know it a clan island


i am very helpful and so are the others in the clan i am hoping to have someone on at almost all times i give rank as i feel needed and if you want you can have a specific job in the clan even though that is mostly for the citadel / island


anyone is able to recruit anyone that they want as long as they don't start a ton of problems and are wanting to join a clan and don't just beg for money or anything else if they need some help that is fine


i am willing to lend out items when needed if i have them or i have also been known to buy items just to give them away or lend them out


Blu3 Baboon is my real life brother he is also in my clan and willing to help those in need he is also deputy owner and has as much control as me and we work together on everything


you will notice that some people in the clan have random ranks that is because they have proved to me that they deserve it and it doesn't take much to prove where you belong in the clan you can ask for a certain rank and if i feel that it is needed i will but you through minor tests or look at your lvls to see if you are worthy of taking over that rank in the clan or i could just be in a very good mood and see you on so i give you a new higher rank just because i feel like it


there could even be times that i want to get rid of a bunch of things and ask the people that are currently online to meet me in a certain world at the party house and i will put the things i don't want and ask anyone else who has things they want to get rid of to all place them in the chest and i will pay to start the party


anyone caught begging or causing issues will be warned and if they do not fix the issue they will be banned from the clan for good


any other questions just ask me or if you feel i have left anything out just let me know


matt edwards aka blupuppy89

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