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All the Heat in the world!

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Well, so I'm playing Runescape normally and bam. My temperature randomly starts rising by the 10s. Almost overheating (at 70C, I shut stuff down) my computer before I shut down Runescape. I'm really not sure on what's going on. All 5 of my fans are working normal while it's running, but it's ONLY Runescape that does this. I run TF2 and it runs 10-20C and stays there sustained, as well as the same for Aion. I'm not really sure what's up. So any help would be really good.


Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6670

Processor: AMD FX-4100 3.8Ghz

Fan+Heatsink: Cooler Master DK9-7E52A-0L-GP (Aluminum Heatsink material)


Anything else you need to know about my system i'll include. Not sure all that's needed.

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Im curious on what your taskmanager will say when this happens.

Can you try keep it open? And run Runescape? I want to know what the usage will be of the highest proces running durring the heat. If you dont trust it enough btw, it wont be a bad idea to ask for help irl about it. You dont want to destroy your computer..


If i fail to reply here, feel free to pm me about it. In game or on this forum

rsn changed for a short period of time to: GM Dutch

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