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  1. Drygore was way to powerfull.. As example hmm weakspot of waterfiends are range attacks.. Drygore still owned the range attacks on them. Now jagex fixed that and we call it nerved.. I do feel sorry for those people that bought drygore sets and see the prices crashing atm.. My advice for those, go kalphite king and you will earn back what you lost in no time.
  2. The easiest solution i can imagine is making the dragon keep cape slot free.. That way you can wear veteran cape with the stats of any cape you want :)
  3. A second masterwand might be an idea.. One tradeable masterwand and one superior masterwand (untradeable but require more points). This way you make it possible for regular players to get a lvl tier 80 wand too
  4. I have been muted for an one hour ones lol... Was mining at living rocks.. and some1 randomly asked if we wanted some coffee or tea? I asked him if he knew the difference between a teabag and a used tampon. He replyd with sorry dutch but i dont know. Then i said, in that case i prefer coffee. That ended up in a mute.. but was worth it lol One hour later, the mute was removed lol Btw, the mute that i saw from mercifull and the ones you gaved aren't strong. Even while you talked about a user on youtube, you didn't send any1 to it.. You only asked for people opinion about it.. That some1 reports you for that, is simply retarded Can you imagine that you report me for that... He said used tampon!!! Now i totally offended! Lets nail him to the ground lol... I kind a feel sorry for that person that reported me for it.. Or the Pmod that muted me for it. if you feel attacked by a very regular dutch word joke then you better stay of this country. Your ears wont survive
  5. This is something Jagex agreed with I think " Change to the Defensive Value of Armour At the moment, the difference between, say, level 70 and level 80 gear isn’t great enough to matter for standard combat training and boss hunting. Understandably, this means that people aren’t investing in the best gear available to them. We are changing that." Full article: http://services.runescape.com/m=news/og-blog-upcoming-changes-to-the-eoc
  6. And also that works great for salmon and trouth fishing :)
  7. I have done the same to get to know into the EoC and this how i did it. I created a new account named Militus without drop trades or item transfering etc. few weeks before EoC was launched I started to train some mining but more importand, some smithing too. I trained my combat lvls based on the smithing lvl i had. its around the lvl 60 now so i can make mithril wapons. Its importand to know the weakness of your opponents to decide were to train your combat. i started on goblins.. Between rimmington mine and port sarim. They are easy to kill by using the abilities you unlock in order. I provided myself with schrimps that I fished myself on the westcoast of the same area. I did cut my own logs to burn the food. That way you train many skills at ones. Also a citadel based cc is an huge help to boost up skills like mining and smithing. Also for a bit more basic knowledge about the EoC i would advice to do the tutorial too. - Get/make your own wapons and armour and mine your own runes to do so - fish and cook your own food - try the abilities out no matter what the ability is to get used to it right after you unlock them - don't skip the tutorial A well that is how i did it :smile: and about your diarys, that is a good way to get some money and xp rewards :-) keep that up!
  8. I can confirm Chenw advice. I did it the same way and worked fine. But must admit.. it took me several attemps :P I used dharoks but from what i know, they nerved that set of armour
  9. With all the respect for your opinion.. But thats is simply short sighted for you to say. I'm old enough to pass that rule and in my opinion wise enough. Following your reply I'm grinding for weeks for money, quiting this game if i fail and posting about it on the forum? Sorry but you dont know me at all.. That is the only thing that you proved by your previous comment to me. Try and keep facts and opinions seperate please. Fact is: I playd this game for over 11 years, never got hacked/pw scammed never bought rsgold or even considerd doing so. Most of my friends (and my list is full) haven't or they dont bother talk about it so there goes your statement to dust. What my point was is that players doesn't need to be hold by their hands to make sure they don't play to long lol thats their parent job. Not Jagex call to make.
  10. I do understand the rant tbh. The combat has changed a lot with the latest updates. I personally love the new combat system. Makes slayer a lot more tactical, fun, and better paid for an higher combat lvl. For the PvP.. no experiance gained myself yet. A friend of mine tried it and told stuff that are almost a copy of this topic. But he admit that it was his own failure for not understand the combat system the same way other people do in wildernis. therefor he sticked with it, became better in it and turned the luck to his side simply because his combat stats are higher. His point was.. Levels do matter but experiance in the new system do as well. And that is something the pkers nowadays have more then us.. Experiance in pvp. My advice: do the tutorial if you haven't allready. If you want to stick with pk.. ask yourself if you want to risk valuable stuff on it. if not, it might not be a bad idea to start a low lvl pker (the fair way ofc, no drop trades etc) and get your experiance that way. ps. I'm not saying that you are doing it wrong btw.. i wasnt there :P
  11. you can say that is good that Jagex cause its unhealthy to stay online that long in their eyes but I mean come one. Its not their call to make. There is a age limit on this game.. The people that follow that rule are old and wise enough to decide on what they do and how long they do it. When you lose gear cause of this.. it will take a lot of time to earn it back.. That makes us play even longer lol.. And its not good for our bloodpressure when this happen(for the most of us) Some people say stuff like this are good to fight bots? Sorry but I disagree - They are still out their - Don't punish the fair players with stuff like this because there are bots in this game I'm also not so sure if (bug?) is their on purpose tbh I also saw someone saying that he reloads the client everytime befor he starts pking.. are you serieus? I mean come one lol.. Stuff like this shouldnt be in need at all
  12. Oo salty frog it is you! :D I missed the signature yesterday lol. But that seems a bit messed up. New motherboard with the upgrades will be expensive :(
  13. Im curious on what your taskmanager will say when this happens. Can you try keep it open? And run Runescape? I want to know what the usage will be of the highest proces running durring the heat. If you dont trust it enough btw, it wont be a bad idea to ask for help irl about it. You dont want to destroy your computer.. If i fail to reply here, feel free to pm me about it. In game or on this forum
  14. Before you decide to do step 1 and 2, make sure your motherboard can handle the new CPU and video card. Same counts for upgrading your ddr3.. At the moment i have seen ddr bars to make a total of 16GB, and when you look at the CPU you got, you will often find out the CPU doesnt support the 16GB 4Gb for windows 7 should be enough btw. And what Darkdude said is true btw. Specially your CPU is playing a huge role in this. So my advice.. Find out what your motherboard can handle. Take a look to the cost of making the possible upgrades and decide if it is worth it or not. When you decide to upgrade.. Make sure your cooler can handle the graphic card aswell or else you might end up with power drops on your computer. Going for a new computer, might not be an bad idea if i see what cost you will make by upgrading your current one
  15. Very nice and usefull calc :) I personally like the puzzling part of PoP but somethimes you want to have it done fast.. then this is a great solution :)
  16. I'm sorry to hear that :S I do hope you get your account back in safe
  17. I have read the whole topic and the person that seems to feel bashed is you and not the original creator of this topic. some people made a laugh cause of the way he got scammed but to me they did not cross any line or whatsoever. Still you made your conclusion and if some1 replys on that you write a complete book as a reply on that. Back to the point? It would be an improvement to be able to see the inventorys. Agreed on that! Also be aware of scamms like this is sadly enough in need.
  18. (for my laptop that runs windows 7) What i tried against it was - be sure to have your internet browser and runescape closed - uninstal your runescape client - go to your start menu and type in on the search bar %temp% and press enter - delete all the files in this temporary file - go to the runescape mainpage and download the client again and voila! Bug was gone for me Cleaning up your %temp% file is also adviced to do this every now and then btw. This for several reaons a. Virus/trojans or whatever often nestle them self in that file b. Temporary files are there and hardly have a function at all c. this file can become huge if you dont clean up every now and then. This can reduce the speed of your computer if you let it go to far On my normal pc that runs windows 8, i did not had this problem since buying it in july 2012 I hope this helps for you too! if not, atleast you have a clean Temp file now ;-)
  19. Thanks for posting that URL to the interview. it was the first time i saw that and I enjoyed reading it. I do agree that botters do have a huge impact in this game and I do understand that fixing it aint easy. What i would like to see is JaGex beeing a bit more open about this.. Showing us were they stand in the war with the bots. At the moment people are making their own conclusions about it. Simply because Jagex can't give them facts, they will look for their own. And that is something that irritates me more then the bots itselfs tbh.. As example, few weeks ago I was recovering from surgery.. Wasn't able to go to work so I was 2 weeks off and fished for hours and hours a day. I did not talk much in game.. I mostly was watching tv (serious request 3fm) or didn't had energy to start chats * a dutch project were 3 radio dj's made 12.2 mill and donated it to the red cross And people kept accusing me as a bot. I also got flamed several times for beeing a no lifer simply because i was wearing the 10 year veteran cape. I guess they tried to make me answer them. That actually ended up in letting me report several guys for insulting (And I dont report that fast..) Just saying guys.. Bots are indeed a problem. But avoid making it your own problem. Getting muted isn't really helpfull in your way to fight bots. (not even sure if it is your road to cross but whatever) A lot of people simply follow a youtube video about it. And go hand in hand with the opinions from others while they dont even know what the problem is. Put your energy in something you can have control on. And don't be an ass to the fair players among us that disagree with your opinion simply because they have one opinion for their own.. ones again, i do hope that jagex will be a bit more open like i mentioned befor. That will hopefully win some faith among us. I'm also curious about the law.. i mean, how far can Jagex go? what is allowed for them to use against it? Some1 knows were to find an article about that?
  20. "I can has it" Is in trial, or his bugged or you are. Try to trade with other people to do the same. If that works.. then you are fine. If you arent, fill in a bug report on runescape.com
  21. Try looking at it from Jagex’s point of view. All the updates made in the game.. All the quests that are there. It is all made available for people that work for a company. To do that.. they need an income. Something that p2p players, and adverts in f2p will bring in. To keep those people paying for the game they need to make sure that P2P stays worth buying compared to F2P. And therefore f2p misses a lot of options that p2p has. All the question asked in this topic can be answered with Jagex cannot or will not take the risk of making it interesting for P2P players to go back to F2P and stay their. small add on: To me its a miracle that F2P still excists and that JaGex still take time in moderating the servers were the F2P worlds are hosted on. I think runescape is like the only game that does this
  22. I do miss the pk system in Runescape Classic but I dont miss my old habbits in showing off my stats, combat lvls etc. Getting a 99 is still an achievment. EoC did not take that away from me. (in my opinion). When i saw a low level guy walking with defence 99 i wasnt thinking like wow... such a low lvl combat and still a defence cape.. no, i was thinking like why on earth didn't he/she used that amount of time on the main account to get it there? Ofcourse I can understand the fun people have in getting it but what is wrong with a comp cape? But I must admit.. having fun in doing something you like the way you want to do. Is never a time waiste. But showing off what you have achieved?? Most people that will see you walk don’t really care on what cape you dress, no matter what combat level you have sorry. For the rest, nothing really changed. Its still a nice achievement to get defence 99 with attack and strength lvl 1. The only thing that has changed is the way people see that you are still attack and strength lvl 1. Something complete irrelevant in my opinion. About the special attacks: Boss fights are a lot easier then before EoC. Why making them more easy in bringing back special attacks? Some people even say that the PvM system and the Slayer skill are to easy for higher combat lvl players now. I see it more as a appreciation for an high combat level. Ones again J to me, its just the way you look at it.
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