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  1. I havn't played in a few years, i used to be level 4 combat with 99 HP and Prayer, Now because of EOC i am 37 combat.. Any ideas what to do with this account now?? I already have a main so no point turning this into one. http://postimg.org/image/6gu2tzrj7/
  2. I kind of want to go for this but i dont have much pking experience idk if it will go well 40 Attack 65 Strength 50 - 70 range, Then later go 60 attack 80 strength 70 - 80 range then 70 attack 99 strength 99 range.
  3. I don't know how i didn't make it clear enough.. The title of the thread says which type of pure.. I play to PK so yeah :) But i havn't played in a long ass time so i kinda have forgotten what is good.. so i am currently standing in the wildy just watching people to get ideas
  4. When i originally made this account i was going for low attack high strength with some range.. But then i decided i wanted to be a mauler... then i found out you pretty much need 55 slayer so i thought .. ugh i honestly cbf with slayer lol. So whats left? Range pure? Pure melee? Range/Melee? Idk what else i could make :( Please help :D STATS: 10 Attack 26 Strength 20 Range (shit everything) :)
  5. Hey i want to get all my buyables to 99. I have 73 Smithing 70 Herblore 75 Crafting 79 Prayer. I want those 4 99. Can anyone tell me the most cost effective method of training for Gp per Xp spent. or the best method , or the fastest but also not that dear method. Thanks :)
  6. got 99 untrimmed, want to get 99 prayer any methods of keeping untrims?
  7. Tryed it on my main though, Once per month? that's a very long time.. ill most likely forget once it comes round... Nice xp tho.
  8. Defy

    livid farm

    i've been doing livid farm alot lately, but i have no idea what to spend the produce points on? Which things are most beneficial to my character or getting completionist cape... Do i need all of them for comp cape?? which ones should i get first? thanks
  9. Farming is my lowest stat. Can someone help me get into the routine of daily planting etc? i just can't seem to get into the rythmn of farming. Are there any good guides on this? I'm currently 66 farming but i havn't even trained it in so long i've forgotten what its even like. Im almost 80+ every other stat but farming.. so i need to get it to catch up
  10. Special attacks; It seems so long ago that we could AGS spec 700's and pull out those dclaws for a KO, The new combat just has far too little abilitys and they get old so fast.. Combat level; Now when i see a level 200 i don't even look twice, I miss the old 138's cause atleast then you knew that had 96/99 prayer and 96/99 summoning. Now most if not all of the accounts i used to love seeing like the defence pures (level 35 - with 80 - 90 defence) , or the 25 combat 99 hp pures. You can't have any special accounts anymore apart from 4 combat 99 prayer... the one thing i loved about runescape combat was the ability to make an account unique by being low combat with awesome armour or a nice godsword etc. :( /END RANT Just miss the old stuff :( anyone agree?
  11. I'm trying to get some of my stats up really fast. (non buyables) what is the fastest xp/ph for: Woodcutting - 81 Mining - 92 Fishing - 81 Agility - 72 Theiving - 73 Runecrafting - 67 Hunter - 92
  12. My life is now complete, its taken me 10 years but i've finally managed to afford my first party hat :)
  13. Just duplicated Pure essence lol also.. flowers. Suspicious link:
  14. You can now insta change worlds without logging out if your friend is on a world. lol Discuss?
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