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A Quick Update v2

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Hello guys and gals!


Once again, I seem to have gone very inactive when it comes to DGSweeper and not as active as I usually am on the forums. This doesn't mean I've abandoned either of them.


I haven't been at home in weeks. This is partly by choice. However, I've not had access to DGSweeper's source code, resources, compiler, etc. This doesn't mean I haven't been listening to feedback and planning and doing what I can on my laptop.


People have been reporting issues about DGSweeper freezing. It would cease to capture the map, however it'd still respond to hotkeys, clicks, etc. I fixed a possible cause for it a few weeks ago. This worked for a while. However I started to get complaints once again.


Well, today I finally had some time to myself - well kinda, Amber was beside me watching TV - and so I started to rewrite a couple functions used in both DGSweeper and my RuneScape scripting library. One of these functions was my _find_applet().


This is a function I rewrote quickly to support fullscreen. I was rushed and therefore didn't spend much time checking it over. Well, I looked at it earlier and instantly thought of something... It has a possibility of entering an endless loop. This possibility could be why DGSweeper isn't responding when you click your map icon! Since I can't implement it directly into DGSweeper yet, I'm not 100% that this is the cause... But I'm almost certain.


Also, there's something I kinda kind-of do on my laptop. As some will know, Tip.It has a Dungeoneering Map Tool. While this tool is great, it's a bit large and bulky. It also lacks a few features. So, this is my next project. I'm going to rebuild that page! For those who don't want to download an application, it'll connect to other players and retrieve maps and keys just like DGSweeper does now!


On a side note, for those who don't know, DGSweeper has a Facebook page! If you haven't already, be sure to head over there and give us a like! It's run by myself and my right-hand man. :). You'll get fast updates, support, and news!



Any comments, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated!


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