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[Weekly] Divine Forces Hosting 100+ Pest Control Boat

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After a small & successful Pest Control event, we've decided to host another. We went virtually undefeated with almost two boats for several hours. This time we want to aim for 3-4 games going at the same time. There hasn't been much action for 100+ in terms of Pest Control and we want to aim for some speedy points.


If you plan on attending, try to invite your 100+ clanmates and friends along, the more the merrier. I also like if you could post on this topic: http://services.rune...18,952,65026793


Next Date: Friday June 28th

Mass Time: 5:30 EST | 10:30 GMT

Start Time: 5:40 EST | 10:40 GMT

Clanchat: True 2k8


* World will be revealed just before the mass time


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Divine Forces | #DF on irc.seersirc.net | Most Motivated |


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