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Welcome to OSRS Elders Official Recruitment Page!

- OSRS Elders is a new All-Around Skilling Clan. Created on September 27th, 2013.

- Here in OSRS Elders, we strive to encourage and help each other out on the long journey to becoming a "Maxed Account". We will help each other out on this journey by providing a nice relaxed, mature, and comfortable environment for our fellow clan mates. We can also help each other by sharing new skilling methods that maximize xp/hr. We will also have clan events each week. ( Maybe PvM, or Barrows runs. )

Although we are a relaxed Skilling clan, there will still be requirements to get in. The first requirements to get in is you MUST have at least 750+ total or 10M+ Exp, and 60+ Combat

If you need more information or want to apply, go to OSRS Elders Official Clan Page on the Old School Runescape Forums

or use the Quick find code: 320-321-984-65166482

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