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Welcome to the Community Tools Pilot Project. On this forum, and this board, and this board only, we are allowing our community to share RuneScape related programs they have created with the rest of the community. It is our hope that this will make it easier for people who put a lot of work into these kinds of programs to get them 'out there' and provide a place for our community to find new and useful tools to help them with RuneScape life. Because of the nature of this forum, we have applied special rules and procedures to this forum, detailed below.
RuneScape/Jagex Rules Still Apply:
Not an exception from the rest of our forums, but this bears repeating. Any program posted to this forum must comply with the RuneScape official rules! Tip.It has zero tolerance for any programs that automate RuneScape play (bots/macros), or programs that infringe on Jagex intelectual property (decompilers, etc.), and we will remove/refuse any program we deem unacceptable on these grounds.
New Topics are Moderated:
This means that new topics posted to this board will not become visible right away as they do on the rest of the forums. All new threads are subject to approval by the moderation team before they become visible. No threads will be allowed, except those created to share a RuneScape related program. Once a thread becomes visible, posting on that thread will function as normal. However, posts made in this board will not count towards your total post count.
Our Vetting Process:
The major reason a board like this has not been allowed up until now is because we cannot guarantee a program is safe to use. This is still very much the case. We make no claim that the programs we allow to be posted are safe. What we will do is run prospective programs through the site https://www.virustotal.com/ which will scan the program with a number of Anti Virus and Anti Spyware programs. Any program flagging potential issues on any of the scanners used by this site will not be allowed, and it is our hope that this system will weed out the bulk of maleware that people will attempt to share with our community.


In addition to this, a moderator or administrator will add a first post to the thread with a reminder that we do not guarantee that a file is 100% safe, the result of the virus scan, and a link to the download. This is being done primarily to prevent people from editing the download link after a thread has been approved. We highly recommend that if you chose to download a program posted here, that you do so from the moderators post, not the thread creators post.


At this stage in the pilot project, we will not guarantee that we will run the programs prior to approving them. For our safety, this needs to be done with a virtual machine, so this is subject to availability and volume.


We Encourage the Posting of Source Code:


We encourage anyone who wishes to post a download link to this board to include the source code. It is much easier to convinced people that your program is on the up and up when people can see how it works. However, we understand that not everyone wishes to share their program in this way, so it is not currently a requirement. If at any time posting source code does become a requirement, any programs shared before that point will be grandfathered under the old rules and not be required to include source code.

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