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RSGuides - The New Way to Find and Share RuneScape Guides

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Hello, everyone. My name is Dylan. I'm the founder and creator of RSGuides. To date, I have been playing RuneScape for roughly eight years. I've achieved 20m in all skills, 200m in Cooking, and a Completionist Cape. One problem that I've faced both as a beginner and an advanced player is getting quick access to RuneScape guides. But not just any old guides. Excellent guides. RSGuides remedies this conundrum.


[hide=Features of RSGuides]

  1. Share and find RuneScape guides pertaining to Skills, Quests, Minigames, PVM, and other topics with efficiency and ease.
  2. Sort guides by a number of factors including title, quality score, author, tags, and date.
  3. Engage in discussion with other players.
  4. An active blog with guides and tips from expert players (RuneScape Merchanting Guide)



[hide=RSGuides is for you if...]

  1. You wish to save copious amounts of time and get to what really matters -- playing the game.
  2. Give back to the RuneScape community in a meaningful way.
  3. Credit excellent guide makers for their superb work and punish poor guide makers for their unhelpful work.



[hide=Future plans for RSGuides]

  1. Make the site more social by upgrading the commenting system.
  2. Integrating social network profiles into the signup/login systems.
  3. Add a marketplace for RuneScape guides similar to Apple's App Store that will allow willing players to purchase information from guide makers for a small fee.



[hide=What People are Saying about RSGuides]


So far, RSGuides is on an incredible streak. Everyone has great things to say about it. The feedback has been absolutely phenomenal and people who have decided to use RSGuides are very content.


Reddit's reaction:



[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation]'s Reaction







I really hope you all on Tip.It find this resource useful. Even better, I hope you all love it enough to contribute. I want to take advantage of the capability of the site right now, but can't quite do it because it's not immensely populated with guides. If I could do it by myself, then I would! RSGuides it's mine. It's ours.


Thanks so much for your time!


(By the way - I'm giving away 3.5 million GP to each of the first ten individuals to sign up for the site and give some great feedback.)

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This isn't a downloadable tool, so the normal vetting process doesn't apply here. As always, we have no control over external sites.


Welcome to the Tip.It forums RSGuides.

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