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Selling Quest Kits!

RS Market

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Oh a Legend
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Oh a Legend

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Barrows glove kit (Mith-Barrows) - 70k     
Need Start-Mithril kit? Look Here:
2 Bucket of milk
1 Cream
1 Raw sweetcorn
1 Pot
1 Machete
1 Dramen staff and branch (Yours)
1 Ice gloves (Yours)
1 Raw chicken
1 Monkeyspeak amulet (Yours)
1 Gorilla greegree (Yours)
1 Ninja greegree (Yours)
1 Zombie greegree (Yours)
1 Banana
1 Rope
1 Knife
1 Pestle and mortar
1 Egg
1 Pot of flour
1 Cake tin
Dragon Slayer Kit - 75k
1x Law rune (Need 33+ Magic for telegrab)
1x Air rune
90x Steel nails
1x Hammer
1x Lobster pot
1x Unfired bowl
3x Plank
1x Silk
1x Wizard's mind bomb
Desert Treasure - 125k  ----- Currently 100k because I nor have the time or patience to collect lockpicks.
1 Ashes
1 Blood rune
1 Bones
1 Charcoal
6 Molten glass
12 Magic logs
6 Steel bars
1 Silver bar
1 Cake
1 Climbing boots
1 Iron bar
1 Garlic
1 Spice
1 Facemask
20 Lockpicks
Legends Quest - 135k    
2 Gold bars
1 hammer
1 rope
1 lock pick
1 Bronze Pickaxe
1 Unpowered orb
1 vial of water
1 cut sapphire
1 cut emerald
1 cut ruby
1 cut diamond
1 cut opal
1 cut jade
1 cut red topaz
1 soul rune
1 mind rune
1 earth rune
2 law runes
3 fire runes
3 blood runes
3 air runes
1 Charcoal
Horror from the Deep - 60k
1 Molten glass
1 Sword - (Iron sword)
1 Arrow - (Iron Arrow)
1 Hammer
2 Planks
Runes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
60 Steel Nails
1 Swamp Tar
Monkey Madness - 35k
1 Gold bar
1 Ball of wool
1 Monkey bones
1 Plank
1 Anti Poison (3)
Shilo Village - 35k
Bronze bar
3 Regular bones
UnderGround Pass - 25k
3 Ropes
1 Maple Bow
2 Steel Fire Arrows
1 Tinderbox
1 Spade
1 Plank
Pm me In-game "Oh a Legend"
If I am not online, leave a post below and i'll get back to you asap.

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