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TMHT July Calendar

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This month is rather light due to the summer holidays, but please come along for the two events we're hosting in July!


Week 1: Dagannoth Kings

The first trip this month is to those three aquatic menaces, Dagannoths Rex, Prime, and Supreme.  Come along as we no doubt snag some splits of rings, hatchets, and other loot.


Week 2: Zammy GWD


In week two we will pay a visit to K'ril Tsutsaroth in the Zamorak encampment of the Godwars Dungeon.  Join us in our hunt for hilts, spears, staves, and subjugation armor (or pieces thereof).


Week 3: No Event



Week 4: No Event




Happy hunting!




***** Please remember that all TMHT events are Coinshare/"Shardshare" *****

[hide=Drop List]Barrows items: 65+
Barrows double item chests: 4 (2 in one night!), Triple Item Chests: 1 --->None of these came from "double loot" events
Dragon Drops: 4 skirts, 5 legs, 5 left halves, 18 med (7 - barrows, 9 - KBD, 2 - M. Bloodveld), 2 Spears, 62 Boots, 1 Dragonfire shield (PVP'd off my friend), 8 Axes, 1 Claws, 1 Visage, 1 Pickaxe, 1 2H, 3 Longswords, 18 Daggers, 7 DDS, 2 Maces
Slayer Heads: 2 C. Hand, 6 Cockatrice, 1 Basilisk, 6 A. Demon, 5 KBD, 2 KQ
Whips: 11, Dark Bows: 3, Ranging Ammy: 2, Whip Vine: 2, Black Masks: 8, Focus Sight: 1, Hexcrest: 4, Granite Legs: 2, Staves of Light: 3, Effigies: 36
Spirit Shields: 7, Hand Cannons: 32, Dragonstones: 50+, Challenge Scrolls: 1 (skeleton)
DKs: 3 Warriors, 3 Berserker, 2 Archers, 2 Seers, 8 Axes, 4 Battlestaves, 1 Seercull
GWD: 4 Sara Swords, 3 Saradomin's Whisper, 1 Saradomin's Murmur, 1 Armadyl Crossbow, 1 Sara Hilt, 1 Bandos Chestplate, 1 Bandos Helm, 1 Armadyl Helm, 1 Armadyl Boots, 2 Zammy Spears, 4 Boots of Subjugation, 1 Gown of Subjugation, 2 Garb of Subjugation, 1 Hood of Subjugation, 15 GS Shards
Glacors: 1 Ragefire Boots, 2 Glaiven Boots, 1 Steadfast Boots, 1 Staff of Armadyl crafted

QBD Drops: 10 crossbow pieces

Boss Pets: KBD (after only 5 kills) [/hide]

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