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Zamorak GWD - Sunday, July 13th 1PM EST/5PM GMT

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Zamorak's Fortress!
K'ril Tsutsaroth (and his minions) - Coinshare

Time and Date

Date: Sunday, July 13th


GMT: 5pm

US Eastern: 1pm
US Central: 12pm
US Mountain: 11am
US Pacific: 10am

Host & Friends chat: Levells



Server and Location

We will meet outside the Zamorak boss room within the God wars dungeon. You will need 40 Zamorak killcount to enter the boss room, so be sure to plan time to do this before the event is scheduled to begin. Killcount can be had on low level monsters such as imps. See the tip.it Zamorak guide for more information. Coinshare will be enabled for the whole event. The world will be specified at the time of the event.


K'ril Tsutsaroth

K'ril is one of the highest level monsters in the God Wars dungeon, and should not be underestimated. He will focus on targets in front of him, and attack them with melee and magic, so at least one of these attacks should be blocked by a protect prayer. Additionally he can also poison his target, meaning anti-poison potions are advised. See his bestiary entry for more information. There will be TMHT members at the event who are prepared to act as the 'tank' so it is advised to let them engage K'ril first, and then you stand on a side away from them to minimize damage to yourself.

All other players in the room will not come under attack by K'ril, however his minions can still pose a threat, so it is suggested to use Protect prayers/curses (which one depending on what attack style your armor is weak to) or soulsplit as needed while they are alive.



Inventory & Equipment

All set-ups should either bring a Beast of burden (such as a Pack yak/War tortoise/Spirit Terrorbird) carrying food OR use a healing familiar such as a Unicorn stallion or Elemental titan.
Overloads can be downgraded to the appropriate boosting potions for your style.
Antipoison potions are only required if you intend to tank K'ril, but it is suggested everyone have at least one just in case.


Melee users should use Protect from Magic while the boss and minions are alive. Lvl 70+ armor is suggested.  Remember a Zamorak item to keep you protected during kilcount.

Magic users should use Protect from Ranged while the boss and minions are alive. it is suggested to use Subjugation magic armor, as this doesn't degrade, and also counts as a zamorak item for killcount, but it can be upgraded/downgraded as desired (lvl 70+ suggested). Kril's weakness is fire spells, but you can also use a Polypore staff as an alternative. Once again, remember a Zamorak item for killcount.

Ranged users should use Protect from Melee while the boss and minions are alive.  Lvl 70+ equipment is recommended.  Make sure to bring plenty of ammo for the amount of time you plan to stay.  Remember to bring a Zamorak item for killcount.

See the tip.it Zamoraks Fortress guide for more information on tactics and set-ups



70+ Constitution
60 Agility OR 60 Strength.
A Zamorak item (Zamorak arrow recommended)
High combat skills will be beneficial.

Combat gear matching your attack style (lvl 70+ gear recommended)

Friends Chat Ranks

The Main host will be the Chat owner, or will have a Gold Star in the chat.
Silver stars are CO HOSTS.
Bronze Stars are other TMHT members.
Please note all three of these ranks will have the ability to kick members from chats, should we need to.
If you need assistance, feel free to Private message a Host/Co-host, or ask in the chat. All leaders are happy to help you with gear choices and inventory setups, should you be unsure of what to bring.

See you there!   :D

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3 hours left us with:

Godsword shard 3

Steam battlestaff

Dragon dagger

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