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Corporeal Beast - Saturday August 16th - 6pm GMT/2pm EST

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- Corporeal Beast (COINSHARE) -

Time and Date

Date: Saturday August 16th
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 6pm
U.S. (Eastern): 2pm
U.S. (Central): 1pm
U.S. (Mountain): 12pm
U.S. (Pacific): 11am


Server and Location

- We will gather outside of the Corporeal Beast lair, world will be announced right before we start.

Friends Chat: Levells

~~ This event will be CS (CoinShare) ~~

The Boss


- The Corporeal Beast is the physical incarnation of the Spirit Beast, and is a very powerful boss monster.
With a combat level of 785, it is one of the highest-leveled monsters in the game, tied with the God Wars Dungeon generals. However, the Corporeal Beast possesses a number of formidable abilities that distinguish it from other monsters of its level. It has very high accuracy, damage, and defense for its levels; it can devour Summoning familiars & it has damage reduction against nearly all sources of damage.

Please Note: Gravestones do not appear inside the Corporeal Beast's lair. Items that are dropped on death become visible to other players after 3.5 minutes and disappear after 1 more minute.

Inventory & Equipment

- The most commonly used & accepted method of taking down the Corporeal Beast is with melee. Damage dealt is halved when using anything other than a spear, so the Chaotic, Zamorakian or Guthan's spears are highly recommended. Mage & Range can be used but melee is preferred.

- Melee Setup -

Gear + Inventory:

* Please note the setup shown is just an example, but it's recommended to have gear that's level 70+

Please DO NOT bring any familiars, the Corporeal Beast will eat them whole. :)

Recommended stats are;
70+ in Attack, Strength, Defence & Constitution.
Overloads help, SoulSplit too, but they aren't a must.


Completion of Summers' End quest.

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10 spectral shards and 17 arcane shards

Not bad loot, had quite a few cball+onyx drops



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