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Using custom interface preset causes map not being captured


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I was using customized interface with central interface moved somewhat. I loaded retro preset, recreated my preset, made sure map is captured, saved preset, loaded it and it again stopped working. I did the same thing again, except for the last step, took screenshots and compared my interface with its saved version in Photoshop, seems for some reason saving it causes central interface to move a few pixels


Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/hnYb4#2 My preset 2 is the one I actually loaded the first time

Technical data: Windows 7, Jagex client with custom settings (high + bloom and all idle animations), DirectX, latest version of DGsweeper (sorry, can't figure out where to look version number up, but I downloaded it the day before yesterday)

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I had this same issue.  I also tried the fix where you move the central interface to be the exact same spot as the presets.  Even after doing that it doesn't work for me, though it will randomly capture whatever was on the screen after I close the map (always interesting to see my character in the middle of an action instead of the dg map).

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