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big chinchompa D&D

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I was reading the big chinchompa guide and i noticed it doesnt tell about the maximum amount of 3000 grenwall tickets you are alowed to keep on your bank. I dont know if that goes for all kinds of hunter tickets you can get as a reward in the game. You can still play the game and if you use up some tickets you can get new tickets from that gnome at the desk next to the yellow portal, but i dont know howmany competence points are saved up or if there is a max of that too.

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Thank you for the info! Do the possible limits for different kinds of tickets overlap? I.e., can I have 3,000 grenwall tickets and go earn swap lizard quota tickets if I don't have any?


Edit: I see one source claiming a limit of 3,000 for each ticket, which makes sense, can anyone confirm this? Others don't contradict it but also don't specify anything about a limit.

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