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3 things in one

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Firstly, when I examine my turoth boots it says that they high alch for 7500 not the 5625 that you have lited on their page. I have a screen shot if you need it, but can't find a decent file host.




Secondly, The Grim tales quest guide should probably be updated. I found a walkthrough on youtube that showed me how to do the piano part, but it was from before the EoC debacle. It would seem that back then the page showed in the upper right hand corner whether it was an Upper or Lower note key that your cursor was over. It does not show that now. Your walkthrough does not give specifics on which notes are Upper orLower either, I had to use the RuneHQ walkthrough to find that.


So the notes in order are Upper E, Upper F, Upper E, Upper D, Upper C, Lower A, Lower E, Lower G, Lower A. The Upper keys are on the right hand side of the keyboard and the Lower keys are on the the left hand side.






Thirdly, There is a huge discrepancy between the drops listed on your site and the drops listed on the Wikia site for Fire Giants. I am not sure which is correct or maybe neither are?


I do know that you get boatloads of Steel Hatchets from them now, which sucks.







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Thank you for your post!


Firstly, I have fixed the turoth boots. Thanks! (For future reference, I find that Imgur works quite well as a host for my purposes. You can just click upload and use Ctrl+V to post a screenshot and proceed to upload without even saving it.)


I will update the Quest Guide appropriately to provide the sequence of keys, including Upper and Lower and the definitions of those terms, later on today if no one has done so when I get to it. I am assuming that the picture is still unique for all players and has not changed with EoC.


Finally, I am not sure which of those two sets of drops is correct. I do know that there were some major changes, mainly having to do with removing or reducing a lot of rune drops from the game to make them more valuable late last year. While I would love to update them, it would really require an army collecting and submitting data, confirming, etc....in other words given the amount of people submitting things it may be difficult or impossible to revise at this point. If you happen to keep logs of Fire Giant drops the next time you're on a Slayer task or killing them for fun though, we would be grateful if you shared them us! :)

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