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[07] Looking for a social non-serious clan.

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I'm looking for a clan that has a multitude of different things. I'm going to list them below, and I'll post a screenshot of my current stats (If that actually matters, IMO it really shouldnt for what I'm looking for.)


I'm looking for a clan that hosts events, and has helpful / polite members.

It mustn't be just PVM. I enjoy skilling too.




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Hello from Phoenix Moon.


We are a small mature 18+ social and friendly clan whose focus is to provide a fun, friendly and welcoming group and environment.

We are laid back and are all here to have fun and relax while we chat. We all like to encourage and cheer you on as you level, and quest.

Tired of being ignored in your current clan? Sick of drama? Not being greeted when you enter your clan chat? That will not happen here. We believe each and every visitor deserves a friendly hello or welcome back, or celebration of a level or achievement

Members: 20 28
Citadel tier: 3 
Avatars : 1 
Home world: 39 


Ranks based on capping and participation.  Our only requirement is that you visit the Citadel for headcount. 

No mandatory events. 


Events held randomly 






General help to all mates, etc... 



We're looking for the like minded players who wish to join us in making this clan more superior.  If you're not into team work, this isn't the clan for you. 

Please visit as a guest in our Clan Chat if you have any questions.


This clan is a fresh start for many of us. It could be just what you need! 


We offer the ability to skill, chat, boss, and play together in an inviting environment.

Citadel work is not mandatory, but a quick pop in for head count is required.

All of Jagex’s rules apply.

Be respectful to clan members. If you have a disagreement, take it out of the clan chat.

Rank system:

Clan ranks are given based citadel capping activity, and participation in the clan. You will be given a rank based on these criteria, and ranks signify our appreciation of your help in the clan. 

We welcome everyone to pop in to our 
Phoenix Moon clan chat as a guest to just say hi, chat with existing members, ask answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

May you always find shade & water.


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The Brotherhood is an Old School Runescape clan that was established in June 2016. Although relatively new, The Brotherhood was founded by previous clan leaders and founders with over 5 years of experience leading.


The Brotherhood is made by the members ando for the members. Our goal as a clan is to create an environment of commradery for our members and friends and for the Old School Runescape community. To promte this environment we listen to what our members want and we try our best to build a clan that supports those needs. 


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