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Fresh new account/Newb looking for a clan

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Pleeeeeeease read the text in bold, right at the end.

It describes you how far I am in the game.

I don't want anyone to recruit me thinking I've made it far in the game


Hello everyone, my name is Addison.

I signed up on Rune Tips to look for a clan to join.

I'd love to join a social, friendly, active, dedicated clan of people who really enjoy and love Runescape. And don't see themselves quitting anytime soon.

I'd love to jump onto Runescape and be a long-term player making some friends along the way and have a blast!

I'm 26 years old and don't mind the ages of a clan, but I really do want to be in a more mature clan. No drama. Just friends and a tight-knit group of people having a good time.

I live in the United States of America and my timezone is GMT -5. I'd love for the majority of players in a clan to be around this timezone/USA. So, I can play/chat with others!


I've been an on and off Runescape player and never really got far in the game, every time I decide to play.

Mostly because of me hopping from game to game enjoying them all.

But this time, I'm going to stick myself into Runescape because I enjoy older games more then those 3D and high graphic games.

Plus, my other laptop broke down and this one isn't so big in gaming so Runescape (And another game) is just enough for me.


I'd really love to stick around Runescape this time and make some friends along the way and play with others.


Like I said,

This is my new fresh account/just made my new character so EVERY SKILL is Level 1-2 right now.

I'm a free player but I've got some money to become a member after I've found a clan willing to take me in =)


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Feel free to check out our clan and/or PM me if you're interested :). Best of luck in your search!

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?



My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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I'm informing you about a Community Clan with a Tier 7 citadel, always an avatar active and much fun.


The clan doesn't have any recruiment thread but got an awesome ranking on the clan hiscores (#10) and a page wich can be found here.


If you wish to join, hop in the friends chat Slayer Nest and ask for an invite.


I hope to see you soon! :wub:


Happy 'Scaping!

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The Brotherhood is an Old School Runescape clan that was established in June 2016. Although relatively new, The Brotherhood was founded by previous clan leaders and founders with over 5 years of experience leading.
The Brotherhood is made by the members ando for the members. Our goal as a clan is to create an environment of commradery for our members and friends and for the Old School Runescape community. To promte this environment we listen to what our members want and we try our best to build a clan that supports those needs. 

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  • Clan:The Gladiatorz

Hi AddiPlays,


I would like to extend you an invitation to join The Gladiatorz! Founded in February 2001, we are the oldest active clan in RuneScape. We

consider ourselves an expansive online community, one which transcends strictly in-game activities. We offer a variety of opportunities for

members of the clan to interact and develop meaningful friendships. With our large community, relaxed attitude and variety of events, we

work to make our members' Runescape experience more enjoyable.


Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone EST (GMT-5)

Founded: February 15, 2011 / Home World: 14

Current Leadership: Beric & AmusedDragon

Clan Type: Community/PvM/Skilling/Monthly Competitions


Our applications are always open, and the only requirement is that you have an active membership to RuneScape. You can locate our off-site

forums by entering The Gladiatorz in google. We are the first result; it will lead you to our forums where you can apply.


A few things we have to offer:

  • An active, relaxed environment with a mature and long-standing clan.
  • Players with advanced knowledge of the game offering help to all.
  • Mentors for all new members during their first month with us.
  • Daily events; including both high and low level PvM, Skilling, Competitions and Minigames.
  • Tier 7 Citadel with 3 clan avatars.
  • Off-site forums and a TS server.
  • Members online 24/7

The Gladiatorz have thrived over the past 15 years, we welcome any and all new members to help shape our clans future. Our chat is always

open to guests so that you can get a sense of how the community would suit you.




QFC ID: 290-291-646-65776090


Elite Cavalier of The Gladiatorz

The Oldest Active Clan in RuneScape

QFC ID: 290-291-646-65776090

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